Lions are down to 80

Good question. I mean last year we treated him more like a 4th option than a Kittle or Kelce, which if you are going to drop 8OA on a TE, you’d better be planning on that type of targeting. Instead, the #3 option was by far 900 year old Danny Amendola. Stafford has always seemed to favor his slot receivers and guys like Tate and Amendola are as reliable as they come. But Bevell needs to get him involved because he can definately do some damage inside the hashes. We saw what we can do against AZ, but that can only happen if he gets targeted and to me that has been a problem. We’ll see.

I would rather work up a guy like Cephus than try and hatch a fringe egg like Fulgham or Lacy.

Honestly. I can see it. Not expecting a hall of fame career but I do get the comp stylistically. Gil Brandt said the same thing.

I’m also a Cephus fan. I was touting him predraft. I like the kid and think we got a bargain.

Fulgham however has been disappointing.

Sam is a little surprising too. I figured we would try to get him into our PS. Bill B and Matt P. We’re both big on him predraft and he’s now been cut by both. There must be more in play than his skill set. I think this bodes well that Ragland might make the roster.

Packers claimed Fulgham

Here’s how I read this initially:

Lions are down by 80!

Just getting ready for the regular season threads.


Their desperate for WR help. They passed on many stud WR’s in the draft too. Their entire draft made no sense.