Lions assistant GM Ray Agnew believes Detroit 'pretty well stocked' at WR


Wonder why a 3rd-4th round talent on film was available as an UDFA, in regards to Williams

Small and slow (in terms of testing) is tough to overcome in terms of draft position. Then once the lights go on all the compensating factors come into play.


That’s what they said about Amon Ra.
If he wants to make the team, he needs to be Saints shadow.


St. isn’t all that small though? But yeah, St. is a good example for anyone. Anyone in any field for that matter.

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Looking at the roster, if we needed to add soemthing it would be at WR. Its a need in my opinion.

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Before the draft they said CB wasn’t a need either

I can see us adding a WR

That’s why I made thread about Xavier Hutchinson

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I’ll take these new Lions problems where people are only worried about the quality of the depth


Tom Kennedy is here and all he does is make plays. I think they are in great shape to make another run this year.

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I think people are making a bigger issue out of this than people realize.
Most teams are very thin at WR. Very few are deal with talent.

1 St Brown - elite slot
2 Jamo - Speedy play maker
3 DPJ - Reliable on the out side
4 Raymond - speedy play maker
5 Green - Still a question mark,
6 I. Williams - Short but very productive
7 T. Smith - Reliable depth wr.
8 Kennedy - preseason/ practice squad darling
9 Alexander - Kennedy 2.0
10 Fountain - Completely unproven
11 Calhoun - Small slot wr

Im ok with that going into the season.

Would it be nice to add another player in that 5-7 spot. ABSOLUTELY. Is it a need? No.


While this is true, imagine us adding an “established WR” that the NFL acknowledges and cant call a penalty on…?

Id pay a 3rd rounder for a really good WR that can help us.

Minnesota traded Randy Moss for a 3rd round draft pick…

Would you trade a 3rd round draft pick for Randy Moss?

I already know your answer…

Some say DPJ…well…despite his testing numbers…DPJ looked like Molasses last year. He looked awful. Slow…no acceleration, no toughness…

I dont know why he is on this roster…

Hope he proves me wrong, but I doubt it. He has had his whole life to get it together and show us…

Donavan Peoples-Jones has not shown one thing to us.

He is slow to accelerate…

Slow to do anything…

Sorry…these are facts…

We need WR help.

Prove me wrong.

Aww how gracious of you, Jman! Lol

DPJ will do just fine.

And no MIN didnt trade moss for a 3rd:

They traded him for the 7th pick in the first round and a LB.

Or do you mean at the end of his career where he only made 6 catches and 80 yards and 0 td in 2010?

There goes getting a 3 Rd bean for this guy. Dude is talking like a man with a paper ass hole.

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Dang, another new screen name!