Lions at Redskins injury report

It’s time to see what we have in the young guys.

We will probably be in 3-4 base D a lot.

I would think Bryant will have limited snaps… eased back into action.

So basically we are about to lose to the damn Redskins. Unbelievable.


Eased back? How about throw in the fresh meat. I’m with Wes, don’t see them winning at all, until we win one. Thank God, I have a life today and will not watch the game. Except, fuck “living in the bubble” and don’t care to record it for later viewing. Believe after this game I will be in the “Had It!” mindset and won’t care again until draft time .

Lather, rinse, repeat…

Haskins should be elated.

Yep he will have 100 passer rating today.

yeah but now we have injuries to some very key players, I’d be MORE pissed if we had fewer injuries/had 5-6 of these guys healthy and then lost .

right now it is what it is, we can’t change it. :slightly_smiling_face:

Josh Norman will be inactive for the game

I see this game as ‘who fucks up last’. On the road with so many of our starters out, this one is up for grabs. Might get hosed by the officials too? Nah, what was I thinking.

Lions lose today and I’m checking out until Patricia is gone.

We have a lot of injuries but so do the Redskins.

The number of players they have missing from their opening day projected starters is the same as ours.

I think we lose for sure

Josh Norman is active …

I think we hammer the Skins today . Not even close . BO is in for a big game today , the PA that comes from it will be plenty . The SKINS are a bad team .

Bo almost had a 100 yard game. Wagner’s hold negated that 15-20 yards run towards the end of the game. He runs hard that’s for sure. I think the Lions need to keep him/extend him.