*Lions at Vikings Game Day Thread*

Let’s get it going! Lions can move to 4-4 and make waves in the division, but what will they look like without Golden Tate and with Ziggy Ansah? Does the entire season change if they beat Minnesota?

Keep the game day chat here!

Diggs is officially out. Ziggy is officially active.

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Andy Jones being active is a surprise. Moss just stated on the pregame show that Vikings Cook is active.

dunno about this one. i have that salty feeling that this could end badly for the lions, and kirk cousins has quite the game even without diggs. if lions win we have reason to hope but if they lose, what then? the season is lost.

That’s why we watch though. Not sure I’ve ever seen the NFL with this much parity. Every game is important.

Do I start Gore, Cook or Coleman???


With another week under his belt, not sure I’d bet against Snacks and an angry D’Shawn. Plus, Cook is banged up. I’d go with Father Time Gore against the Jets.

Yes definitely not cooks. He will be on a pitch count.

It’s a big game for the Lions, going 3-5 with the schedule they have makes it really hard to break .500, let alone make the playoffs. To me, it’s about playing good, hard, smart football; you can’t be making dumb mistakes and expect to beat people. You can’t be dropping balls, missing tackles, whiffing blocks, making bad decisions or throwing errant passes. And you gotta be doing it every week, otherwise you’re just another pretender.

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1-3 September
2-1 October

Now we need to start a 3-1 November
Followed by a 3-1 December


I’m just not feeling a win today. Hopefully it’s not a blowout. That would really feed the ‘giving up on this season’ narrative and could be lockerroom poison.

That’s the thing about the Lions. When they give us confidence they lay a giant turd.

Then just when you are thinking they are complete crap, they will pull off a win

Wonder how many Vegas suicides the Lions are single handedly responsible for?

Lions win the toss and defer. Martin wiped out on the kick lol.

WCLF, nice to see that name here!

Kennard is starting?

Also Cousins is my fantasy QB. So if he carves us up at least there’s that…

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I think that’s why I can’t/refuse to play fantasy football. My allegiance would be divided.

Or maybe it’s a remedy?

Spielman noting how he’s also picked up on Slay not looking right. I hate it when my concerns are confirmed.

Great tackle by Slay!