Lions averaging 7+ ypc

Some will say, yes, but take away the 50 yarders and what are we averaging? Sure, less, but take away every team’s top running plays, and guess what, the average goes down.

This guy is giving alot of love to Ben Johnson. Also have to give some credit to Fraley.

Enjoy the break down!:


You love to see it!!! And with 3 backup o-linemen starting last week.


Take away Steph Curry’s made 3 pointers and he’s 0 for 4,173!

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Yea never understood this type of argument
If you took away the best runs then you should take away the ones that went for No yards

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This is the difference good coaching makes in the nfl. That’s been one of the core problems with this organization. When have we had top tier offensive and defensive coordinators over the years? We’ve had some decent to good ones but nothing special.

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The execution on that counter play with 2 backup linemenis impressive. I am still not sure what to think…. fewer pre-snap penalties than usual and good execution of several blocking concepts… I find myself feeling like…

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The Lions penalties - or lack thereof - was actually amazing. They had THREE all game (false start, illegal formation, running into the kicker), only one of which was accepted (5 yds). In Wk 1 they had 9, 8 accepted, for 65 yds.

Pretty amazing improvement in a week, especially with a bunch of new guys in the trenches. Course, the Commanders only had 2 called on them (17 yds), so maybe it was just the the refs had places to go, people to see, right after the game.


With 3/5 of the starting OL out! Amazing. Fraley is doing great stuff.


I still remember the Schwartz era where we seemed to have penalties all the time.

I can’t remember when the last time it looked like the Lions Olinemen knew who or what they were supposed to be blocking. They weren’t all bad players. Now they are opening up running lanes that make all of our backs look good. And we have good RBs. Even the wide receivers are all blocking. We’re first in yardage before contact too aren’t we?
Definitely credit coaching.

I see alot more movement on the O-Line on run plays, so we are getting more leverage. Do any of you that know alot more about this than me see the same?

Yep, the Lion’s Oline coach is the real deal

One thing I’ve noticed is we are pulling guards a ton in the running game. Using plenty of trap plays. So far it’s working very well, teams will prepare and adjust for that though.

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If you take away Barry’s negative runs isn’t he the All time rushing leader?


Barry will always be my favorite player ever, just so entertaining to watch. But he sure did love running backwards. I’m sure it must have driven some coaches insane at times.

A typical game from Barry:
2, -3, 1, no gain, 30, -4, 1, 18, no gain, etc, etc.
The knock against him is that he was always trying for the home run, even when you just needed a single. I don’t put much stock into the knock.

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Yea, I was in high school watching Barry so I mostly only cared about the totals yards and entertainment value. But, sometimes a single is all you need on 3rd and 2 to win the game and then take 3 knees you know. Barry wasn’t the best back for a ball control offense, his style lead to a lot of 3 and outs at times. And then of course the 80 yard TD run in the 3rd quarter and that’s all anyone would talk about. One thing is for sure I never wanted to miss a carry, he was that exciting.

Barry is why I’m a Lions fan, so, yeah.

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Same! That might be a curse though, haha it’s lead to many years of misery. He sucked us in.