***Lions @ Bears Game Day Thread***

Am I the only one watching the Eskimos and Alouettes in the CFL Championship?

Huh we actually look pretty good.

That’s not the championship!

Woof, Driskell was locked in there.

Fucking FGs.

Nice long, time consuming drive…FG


I’ll take it. Lookin good

Up to the defense to actually show up today.

Where’s the poster that keeps track of points left on the field?

Great start til the end there.

Let’s see how the defense changed this week.

Doesn’t look much different. Settling for a chip shot FG is what the Lions usually do.

Nice job snacks!

The Grey Cup is the only thing that matters…


Daniels a DE on that play

The Lions got this game. I am more confident that the Lions win this game than any other one this season.

Surprised they didn’t throw a flag on Detroit for running into the fair catch.

I wouldn’t hold my breath.

How is it we actually look decent running the ball today? Figure the Bears would want to force Driskell to beat them.

Lol Bears fans think that’s not a penalty?

Awful call