***Lions @ Bears Game Day Thread***

Greetings for NFL Gameday at the Windy City, Lions fans! A battle of 3 win teams in the NFC North play this afternoon, as the 3-4-1 Detroit Lions come to Chicago to play the Bears, in both teams 179th all-time series meeting.

Despite their record, Detroit statistically are currently ranked 5th in Total Offense but next to last at 31st in the entire NFL. Our Lions team are also ranked #3 in passing yards, also #31 in passing yards allowed by opponents. Lions are also ranked #21 in rushing yards, but are 27th in rushing yards allowed by opponents.

A win by Chicago over Detroit would be their 100th win, as they currently lead the all-time series entering today at 99-74-5.

Matt Prater kicked his game-winning, 52-yard field goal, with 1:35 remaining in the fourth quarter to help the Lions defeat the Bears 27-24 in Detroit’s last road win at Chicago back on November 19,

Cloudy skies at 31 degrees, feels like 34 degrees, is the local gamecast inside Soldier Field, for the 1:05 PM Eastern Standard Time kickoff, alone with 15% precipitation, 73% humidity, and northern winds at 12 miles per hour.

Head Linesman Carl Cheffers leads his NFL officiating crew to supervise the live game action on Soldier Field between the Lions and Bears.

NFL also continues to honor our US military personnel, active and retired, with their annual Salute To Service Campaign throughout November.

NO injuries to both the Lions and Bears players, win your fourth game of the season, and LET’S GO LIONS!!!

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Go Lions

Go win a game

Stafford out! Dammit

Well mine as well lose out.

I need to change my game score to:

Bears 31
Lions 12

Stafford out with his back and hip injuries. Looks like Plan B, Jeff Driskel may start,

One thing about it now, we’re aren’t finishing in draft purgatory (10-20) now. We’re either winning no more games or about to watch magic happen and shock the world (and every lions fan INCLUDING me).

Side note… wouldn’t it be nice to have a defense to rely on about now?

I’m out working right now and boom out of nowhere I just got the absolute weirdest feeling. I am now going on record and predicting Lions 24 Bears 13

So, I guess it’s time to find out about Driskel, is he worth a damn or not. No way are the Lions going to run the ball effectively, so he’s going to have to be on the run a lot and throwing the ball accurately, mostly short.

No Hand, Okwara, or Walker, so the defense is up against it. Daniels is playing though, but how well is up for debate. The LBs better step up today or the Bear are going to score a lot of points. Interesting to see how much fight this team has.

The Bears are going to make Driskell win it , I expect heavy pressure .
Marvin & Golladay and TJ could have big games if Driskell knows the offense well enough and if he can stay upright long enough . I hope we shock the world today and Chicago to a big loss, followed by Stafford sitting out one more week against Dallas to return to beat up the Bears again on T-Day

Abandon all hope, we who came to cheer.


I’ll do my best…



I don’t see us winning without Stafford, a viable running game and the worst defense I have seen in years.

21-9 Bears

This very well may be the worse game of the year. Buckle up, drop the shoulder harness, unlock the brake…it’s going to a wild ride.

I’m going to concentrate on crocheting today…

I feel so much better ever since I gave up all…

wolf checking in Go Lions !

Wow, so that’s how a MLB fills the hole

Didn’t realize that the Lions are one of three teams (SF & KC) that have had a lead in every game.