Lions-Bears preview: Can Detroit’s secondary slow down Chicago’s DJ Moore?

they can slow him down…with their OL


Yea let’s not have any turnovers and see how the game goes.

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Last season, after the Lions barely got by the Bears 31-30 in Chicago, they came back and rolled the Bears 41-10 at Detroit. While I’m not seeing that kind of margin of victory, the Lions should be highly motivated to prove that the prior game vs the Bears was a fluke.


Can we slow down DJ MOORE?

I mean he had a good game last time but damn what a headline.

Can Bears slow down Gibby is a better question


It’s a headline because Jerry Jacobs is in our secondary and somehow we’ve normalized it.

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Yeah, love Jerry’s spirit and root for that dude but a more apt headline should be:

Can Jerry Jacobs stop anybody

When we acquire Crosby & our new DT next offseason, JJ will only have to cover for .75 of a second. :wink:

Best defensive back in the NFL is a superior defensive tackle.

I actually think jacobs is a great candidate to move to safety once we upgrade the talent at corner in the offseason. If we upgrade the talent in the offseason that is.

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