Lions bring in 8 for tryouts

DB Breon Borders
WR Emmanuel Butler
DT Demarcus Christmas
DB Evan Foster
RB Karan Higdon (U-M)
DE Jalen Jelks
QB Brian Lewerke (MSU)
WR Cameron Meredith

Meredith is a gifted player who can’t seem to get healthy. He was with NE last year too.

Interesting that we’ve tried out two former NO saints WR’s.

I love that they never stop looking!!

During the season, it’s called “Tuesday”. :slight_smile:

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Any day that ends in”y” baby!!

Am I missing something with Lewerke? I thought he was awful at MSU.

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It’s a tryout.

A tryout for what?


To see if your career has truly hit rock bottom.

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His career hit rock bottom at Michigan State. Lewerke was atrocious

Yet I can remember the sparty fans touting him as a heisman hopeful prior to his junior season.