Lions coach Dan Campbell must stop losing the tactical battles with bad decisions


Duh…yea. He can’t even make the obvious decisions. Like punting on 4th and 9 early in the game in your own end

The bubble is bursting for those that thought Campbell was a great coach.

"If Belichick was playing chess, Campbell was breaking his Hungry Hungry Hippos game by slamming the handles way too hard and always at the wrong time to catch those pesky marbles.

Every single fourth-down failure, all six of them, was a simultaneous master class from Belichick and Campbell licking the frozen pole in the playground. If at first you don’t succeed, try again. Maybe after the third or fourth abject failure, stop trying the same darn thing. That lesson is one Campbell has yet to learn or embrace.

Yet the game was gone on the very first of those six failed fourth down attempts. It was vintage over-aggressive Campbell actively hurting his team with a poor decision and an even worse play call."


I was just thinking on this and came here to comment. Perfect thread.

I think with yesterday I am most disappointed that there is no discernible game planning, or if there is it is impetuously and rapidly abandoned. Any sober consideration of this matchup would have emphasized a low risk attack which forced a rookie QB to make a lot of correct decisions.

The Lions did the opposite.

If they punt on that first 4th and 1 the entire tenor of the game is changed, and we like to brag that the Lions have the best punter in the game. Instead of forcing Zappe to navigate the team downfield, the Lions gave him a short field, an early lead, and morale for both teams trending in opposite directions.


Way more bothered by the play calls than the decisions yo go for it this week.

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tbf 4th and 9 was in the pats like

40, and it was a 50 yard FG if he went for it

you go for the FG or punt

going for the 4th and 9 was the dumbest thing from this coaching staff, and ive seen some dumb fucking stuff tbh

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I knew we were losing at that exact moment. It was 0-0 in our own end of the field. Punt the ball and make the 3rd string rookie earn it. So stupid.


Listen to the post game. Campbell doesn’t even know punting is an option. He thinks it is FG or GO FOR IT!!!

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No defending that stupidity


I think Punting in their side of the field is bad but like

against a rookie qb down 1 score

make him work 90 to 95 yards the field

Ill be honest Defense didnt play good, but Red Zone D was playing solid outside of the 1 td they gave up

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Article nails it…

“When Campbell stands at the postgame podium and declares, “That’s 100 percent on me,” he’s 100 percent correct. That doesn’t make it acceptable though.”


The people that thought Campbell was a good coach right now…


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I thought he could be a good coach and I still think he can, but he has about two weeks to realize that not every drive is a test of his manhood.

I hope Spielman and Holmes are watching this carefully. They can’t let this stuff go on beyond this year.


When we started this regime we hired many senior advisors to help this staff develep. Is only Spielman left? Dan and Co. Really need some serious mentoring! Let’s get on it Chris Spielman.


For all the grief that Belichek gets about being a robot, he is the example of how you render success in the NFL. Tactician. Calculating. Strategic. Campbell is none of those things. You can have a personality and be those things (Pete Carroll), but you cannot just be a motivator.

The Campbell support here is far more cult of personality than it is anything of substance—maybe it’s something in the water with society right now.

I’m more convinced than ever that he needs to go ASAP.


So much truth

He coaches with his balls and uses zero brain

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I’m not sure I’m ready to see him go……but he’s got to start actually learning from his mistakes. I’ll say this though, if we have another 3 win season I think he should be let go.

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if he do have another 3 win season yes

he should be fired

Holmes wont be, cause thats two 6 year contracts, and no org wants to lose that much money

so Holmes will be kept from the two

He also said it was on him during the Minnesota game. See the trend. Obviously this guy isn’t fit to be a nfl head coach

Campbell isnt the first guy to be out-coached by Bill B.

The problem with Dan is he coaches as if in a strategic vacuum.

The best player on our team is the punter. He could have put stress on a third string rookie. YOU TARGET THE THIRD STRING ROOKIE.

Instead, by wrecklessly going on 4th and 9, our genius coach targeted a great defense with the best defensive mind in history at the helm.

Think about that decision for a minute. Let it sink in.

It was made in a vacuum. F