Lions' coaches taking criticism for Senior Bowl practices

I’ve seen more talk about it elsewhere, too. Apparently the practices aren’t built around accentuating the strengths of the seniors looking to showcase themselves for the draft and scouts aren’t happy.

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Nothing surprises me with this shit show of a coaching staff! It’s really embarrassing


It’s all in their master plan.

What an embarrassment. This nightmare can’t end soon enough


It really is.
the problem with Patricia he knows one defense and has to have the perfect type player at every postion for it to work. With out BB to tell him what do do he is lost and exposed. He doesn’t know how to put players in a position to show there strength. He’s not that kind of coach he’s a systems coach.

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But I did like how Bevell kept ignoring Quint , the ESPN sideline reporter, who I find irritating and irrelevant.

Matt Patricia mic'd up cussing on ESPN U is fantastic TV.

— Justin Rose (@JRoseWXYZ) January 22, 2020

Whoevers job it was to monitor MP certainly had their hands full.

Monitor his caloric intake? …talk about hand fulls!


So what your saying is the Lions run the practice like they do there game plans?

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Patricia constantly swearing shows what a fraud he is, and how it always has to be about him. The Senior Bowl doesn’t need his fake tough guy act. It doesn’t need him screaming at the players.It doesn’t need him doing dumb shit. Run normal practices and act normal. No other staffs at the senior bowl acted like this. Just help these guys, who are going through the biggest job interview they ever will. It is about you, Matt. It’s about the players. He’s such a POS.

Jeff Davidson is out there coaching with the Lions, after he has “stepped down”. If that doesn’t show disfunction I don’t know what does.

The content seems plausible (even likely), but when the source is a Bleacher Report guy, I simply must see corroboration.

Aren’t you a fan of Gruden AKA Chucky? Just for clarity sake

Yahoo sports reported that the Lions staff got off to a slower start than the Cincinnati staff, but the pace picked up in the afternoon.

That’s it.
Now let’s run out in the street to stomp and scream about our horrible coaching staff.

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Are you trying to argue that the Lions coaching staff is anything but horrible? What does Matt Patricia do well?

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Yep. He’s not a fake tough guy though. He’s a real one.

Sigh that is SO boring anymore, but last time the police were gonna slap handcuffs on me but once they found out why I was out there they said “Lions fan ?” “you poor bastard.” "hey Chet let’s let the guy go . "

Miller said the same thing about the way the Niners ran practice last year.

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What if they are running it in a way that allows the Lions to make evaluations and the rest of the league can go suck a lemon? I’d like that to be honest.