Lions convert $4M of Brockers salary for cap relief

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A couple of contract restructures for cap space: -Lions converted $4M of DT Michael Brockers’ salary into a bonus for $2M -Falcons converted $8.5M of LB Deion Jones’ salary into a bonus (with 3 void years added) for $6.8M. Jones get his salary payout sooner as part of the deal

No biggie, just moves $2M from this year to next year.

Kind of weird that they do part of Decker’s and part of Brockers, but don’t touch Goff’s . . . just an observation that by not touching Goff’s, they don’t increase his franchise tag figure if it ever comes up in 2025.


Dateline January 2023

Lions convert Brockers into open roster spot.

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Hopefully it free’s up space to sign Brown and make a “corresponding” move.


I was thinking the same thing. We need DT help. Hope this means we’re going to get it.


I keep looking for the notification they signed him today. I think my phone is broke since I haven’t seen one.

Does this suggest to you that they are thinking they may want to keep Goff the next 2 years at ~$30mm and then consider franchise tagging him beyond that but not do an extension?

I guess why I ask as I hated the contract they gave Goff in LA when it was announced. Just seemed like a stupid move that removed capital to acquire more FAs. Instead they could have had him at $12mm a year for 2 more years, then franchise him for $25mm a year for 2 more if they wanted.

Lions can have Goff at $30mm for 2 more years and then franchise for i’m guessing $35mm a year for years 3-4? That’s a lot for Goff but not too much for a top 12 QB if Goff can deliver those kinds of results.

As to Brockers, his snap count was very low. Wondering about that as were the eagles a team where they wanted more beef or is he hurt, or are they keeping him fresh?

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They are keeping Brockers fresh so he can disappear in games deep into the season

Gotta pace those vets…


28 snaps vs the Eagles, didn’t record a stat. He’s Mr. Invisible. Many of us have been saying this all offseason. He now has 1 QB hit in 17 games as a Lion. A pylon would be just as effective.

The main reason is he’s terrible, if he was making plays, he’d play more.

To me, it suggests that they want to keep their options open with Goff and everything is on the board from extension, restructure, release, trade, franchise . . . everything.

As for his contract, everyone hates the contract when it’s originally signed and a couple years later, it doesn’t look as bad. $33.5M APY was high in 2019, but now it’s 11th highest vet starting contract. Brady is the lowest at $25M (because of the trade, will pay Goff $26M APY). Then you got guys like Winston, Mayfield, Marriotta, Geno auditioning for a job (and they’ll get paid if they do well). Looking at it two years into the extension, Goff’s contract isn’t great for the team, but it’s not horrible.

2022 non-exclusive franchise tag for a QB was $29.7M. The tag for Goff would be a calculated figure for QB’s cap hits averaged over five years adjusted by the salary cap OR 120% of his 2024 cap hit. The potential tag for Goff in 2025 would be $38M ($31.65M * 120% of 2024 cap hit). The restructured his contract last year and increased his 2024 cap hit by $5M, but they had no choice, there wasn’t any one else they could restructure and field their 2021 team.

Snead, Rossman for Philly and Loomis for NO all try to do extension on players early. The thought process seems to be if they do it early, in a couple of years, it’s really kind of a deal. I agree with identifying players and trying to do extensions early (why I wanted them to do Hockenson early, I thought very early in the offseason we could have been looking at $10M APY for him, now I think we’ll be looking at $15M minimum to extend). Snead has had his mistakes with Gurley, Cooks, others . . . but I love the way he builds a team.

The potential franchise tag is usually used as negotiating tool. Whether it is warranted for Goff remains to be seen, but if you don’t need to increase his 2024 cap hit and thus his 2025 potential tag, there is no reason to do it.

I think Goff’s future will become more clear after this season.


Yes, this.

Imma gonna label that a bad idea with Levi Onwuzurike and Josh Paschal available in 3 weeks and Demetrilicious still in dry dock until Sunday. An injury-nagged Levi graded out the same as Malcom Brown in 2021 according to PFF. Demetrilicious is better than that right now.

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LmAo you are killing me in this thread.

I’m hoping it means we sign brown!

Levi constantly got blown off the ball. Malcolm does not.

Brown would be a notable upgrade in the run defense.

Levi is more of a pass rush specialist. That’s all he’s bringing to the table.

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Exactly they are completely different styles of DT.

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I have been a fan of getting deals done early. In particular to honor the player and show commitment to him long term. But getting deals done early with some guys isn’t the deal it used to be. You have to be careful which players/agents you do it with because some guys will have their hand back out again in a couple of years when you are finally getting a deal on their contract. I think the latest trend from agents is to have their guys squawk when the guaranteed money runs out and they are cheap to cut/trade.

Perhaps he can revive his career after an abysmal year with Jacksonville. Maybe after playing with competitive teams like the Saints and Patriots, he found it too tough to muster the same effort.

Is Detroit competitive enough for Brown?

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I get the savings you can lock in, but the very best players will still hold out even after an extension like Zeke. In general a lot of contracts haven’t worked out that way offset the savings in my opinion.

As of right now extending Romeo is looking like a mistake though it looked great at the time.

If Hock had been extended, I don’t think the lions are getting their moneys worth. I’d do shorter contracts as health and player engagement can wane with time and huge money in their pocket.

At least Holmes dodged the kenny golladay bullet.

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To me at least, not reworking Goff means they are planning on keeping the dead cap cost of cutting him in 2023 as low as possible.

So far just a Chiropractic table

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