Lions could coach in Senior Bowl this season

With Jacksonville having a coaching change, they will not be eligible. Culley could be out after one season in Houston with a new GM, Caserio from the Patriots, having come on after he was hired.

A prime opportunity

The Lions previously coached a team at the Senior Bowl in 2010 and 2020, providing those coaching staffs with an early, advantageous close-up look at the incoming class of draft prospects. And with one of the worst records this season, and a coaching staff that isn’t in jeopardy of being replaced any time soon, there’s a strong possibility Detroit could be asked to coach one of the two teams in Mobile, Ala. once again.

“I’ve thought about it, and actually, (general manager Brad (Holmes) and I have talked about it,” Lions coach Dan Campbell said. “Look, I’d be open for it, we’d be open.”

Campbell said the one reluctance he and Holmes have is the personal experience could potentially sway them toward a prospect who might not ultimately be the best choice for the franchise.

“Yes there’s an advantage, but you also have gotta be careful that you don’t get swayed by it either,” Campbell said.

Even if they win another game or two, wouldn’t they coach it anyway since they’d be the worst team in the NFC?

It’s not automatic.

I smell smoke screen. I’d love DC to find HIS type players while coaching them up for the week! I believe DC wants this BAD! :slight_smile:
Holmes and staff seeing players up close and personal only helps in evals for later rounds.


Coaching the senior bowl is a big advantage.

The best part is that you can see how a player responds to your coaching style.