Lions *could* play in Germany in 23

KC is hosting an opponent in Germany in 23. We have a scheduled road game against KC next year.

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We dont play any of the 4 other hosts for the 2nd Germany game or all 3 London Games.

No Mexico City in 23. Stadium renovations.


Is it bad that I would almost rather play the Chiefs in Germany than in Arrowhead?


I agree, the home field advantage for them would be gone. KC is a tough place to play


If we play in KC I have a feeling it would be a Sunday or Monday night game.


Also last in international game was in 2015. I believe now teams will be required to play one at least every 8 years so seems about right.


What’s the time difference between here and Germany? I’m guessing it would on in the morning here?

Edit forgot I could look that up… about 6 hour difference, it’s 3-4p there now…

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Can not be much louder than Jacksonville? That is what Trevor Lawrence told us this week.

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Playing KC overseas instead of in Arrowhead is definitely a better option, IMO.


But, but…I want to GO to Arrowhead. Friends in KC, great tailgating and I can drink beer and eat brats here, don’t need to go to Germany.


Dude, it’s not about you, haven’t you listened to Dan?

You can still go to Arrowhead and join the watch party at the stadium (I’m guessing no idea if they actually would have one).

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If the game was in the states I’d go to Arrowhead. I’ve never been and I have lots of relatives / friends in the KC area.

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Hope not. I have family in KC and was thinking of seeing them and going to the game.

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Last time I was there I saw “The Gap Band”, “Rufus with Chakha Khan”, “Eagles” with the first time Joe Walsh played with them and “The Rolling Stones” with Billy Preston touring with them. I have fond memories of the place.


The last International Series game we had was against the Chiefs in London in 2015. The 2-5 Chiefs routed the 1-6 Lions 45-10 the week after Joe Lombardi was fired and replaced by Jim Bob Cooter. Shortly after the game Tom Lewand and Martin Mayhew were fired as well. And then we hired Bob Quinn …

Beating the Chiefs in Germany would be a nice way to confirm the team’s new identity and the death of SOL.

I feel it could quite likely be the Lions as Amon-Ra speaks German so he’d be a great guy to put in front of the cameras all week.


Also ARSB’s mom is German and he speaks the language, seems like a pretty good NFL ambassador to me.


Hopefully they fix the playing surface in time for that game.


Well, if we HAVE to go, it needs to be in October for Octoberfest. Being face down in the Hofbrauhaus in Munich with a schnitzel hanging out of my mouth suddenly seems appealing.


I prefer we beat their ass in KC…but if we must beat their ass in Germany…then so be it.

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Not sure if this works here or not, but it sure felt right… so I went for it!

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Lions in Germany? I would be louder than Arrowhead.

But it’s 2023 guys.