Lions, Cowboys All22 not available on NFL+

I suscribe to NFL+ to watch the games replayed. All22 is always a replay option, along with full game and condensed game.
Tonight I logged in to watch the all22 because I wanted to see when the flag was thrown on the 2pt conversion, and which official or officials threw it.

The All22 replay for that game is not available. All22 is available for all the other games of the weekend but not that game.

The 3rd option, instead of all22 is Full Game - Spanish.

Checked on Roku NFL channel, checked on PC. Nope.

Any thoughts?

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MFFL = Mutha f-ing football league


I’m sure it’s just a coinkidink I mean really why not release ability to have greater scrutiny over that?

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This is like the Bat-lady wiping her documents from the internet.

Which one:


r/batman - Who’s your favorite live action Catwoman?


I’m really hoping the lions had decker mic’d up for the game. wouldnt’ surprise me if the nfl told the lions media that they couldn’t post anything like they’ve been doing related to the incident.

Anne Hathaway FTW. Close two to Michelle Pfeiffer.

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Michele Pfeiffer did the best acting job.

Halle Berry had the best costume.


I’d be curious…let us know if it shows up. I wonder if they’re doing some audio editing :slight_smile:

I just checked, still not available. It would be interesting on who threw the flag. If it wasn’t Allen, he probably knew it was Decker who reported maybe even told the Cowboys it was Deck. But when he announced just said 70 by mistake. The NFL just needs to tell the truth since the coverup is worse than the crime.


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It’s available right now. From my understanding, there’s network agreements in place from when NFL+ can reply a game.

Or it could all be a giant conspiracy. Because there’s no way in modern times someone could make that game available, as the NFL is well aware. Technology just hasn’t caught up yet.

I still dont see it, where do you see it,favoriteteam&redirecturl=

Just navigated to it right from the homepage slider.

I see the full game, condensed gane and spanish. Still do not see the all 22

I have the all 22 up

Found it, I had to go on my laptop not mobile or tv version. It does not show who threw the flag.

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