Lions - Cowboys Injury Report

Both teams are really banged up.

Yes, but…

Dallas - two backups questionable, one backup out.

Detroit - five starters questionable, three starters out.

Fire our strength and conditioning trainers. I’ve never seen so many hurt Lions in one season!

You must not have followed the Lions very long. We used to be so banged up we were literally picking guys up on Tuesday and Wednesday and STARTING them that week.

Dallas does not look too banged up to me. I’d take an injury report like that every week in a heartbeat.

Haha, prob not then just a fan since 2007. Kinda glad I missed those days. Do wish I was around to watch #20 though!

Ahhhh, the days of Otis Smith and Bracey Walker being our best 2 DBs after 10 others went down before them. I remember looking it up and one year we had 19 different DBs see the field.


Holy shit!

Half of the guys who are out we’re injured when we picked them up.