Lions Cut Coleman

I saw Gary trying out, he came up short.


Good point, I agree! He might be worth keeping around for 4 mill. Shelton does have some value as a NT, especially if we play some 3-4 to take on some double teams. He’s good in the run game. He’s just very limited overall because he offers so little as a pass rusher.


LOL. Good one.

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I think in Shelton’s case they’ll wait and see who they can get to replace him and for how much. You can only do so much in one off-season and it ain’t like there are a lot of good DTs in the draft or FAs. You never know who will get cut, but I worry about guys coming here and retiring early. Maybe Danny won’t look so bad with a better set of LBs behind him and in a different defensive scheme.

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Don’t forget Danny was a former 1st round pick and he’s still only 27 years old. He has shown some real good flashes in his career, just hasn’t been consistent enough. Shelton does play football with an edge and is a fiery guy, dare I say leader? MC/DC is probably going to like him.

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Cutting sounds good, but you have to replace the player you’re cutting.

Who’s next man up at DT?

Jesse James has a 5 mil salary. We could cut him and save that 5 mil, but we’re accelerating 4.3 mil in prorated bonus. I won’t argue too hard one way or the other there.

Williams and Shelton are going to make 4 mil each. Who are we replacing them with and for how much?

Both of them are likely back, we can’t replace every position in one offseason. We have so many other holes to fill or at least that’s what she said.

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Yep and now we are switching to a NO type of secondary, lot of zone and 3 deep, where Coleman excelled and we are getting rid of him.

I don’t have a problem with it, but dang, I just wish the scouting department and coaches coukd get on the same page for once

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Just some reasons why he is being cut an then you likely will understand it was bad signing.The Lions gave Coleman a market-setting deal to make it happen too, inking him to a four-year, $36 million contract highest for slot CB
First Year He did defend 13 passes in his first season in Detroit, but that’s partly because quarterbacks were going after him so much. He allowed 71 catches that year, second most in the league, and eight of them scored touchdowns, which was third most. He allowed 869 yards overall, which was fourth most.

Last Year He ranked 111th among all cornerbacks according to ProFootballFocus. defending just one pass all year and allowing a QB rating of 138.0 while lined up in the slot.
He may have looked good he really never played to the contract they gave an what they expected.

It Happens an you just move on.

You missed the major component of my post. Then you glossed over the fact I said I understood.

My major point was the lions signed a guy who excelled in one system, the system we are about to run and put him into another system, 90% man, and we wonder why he struggled. 9 million for a corner is step.

What would his stats have looked like if he was coming from the hawks into the defense we are about to install? I would be willing to say nowhere what he put out the last 2 seasons

He was #1 on my Hitlist, man!

Stafford. :wink:

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I like your line of thinking, bro.

[quote=“FreebirdPartDeux, post:20, topic:9438”]
Gary Coleman

Or Webster Popodopolous

Patriots might give a draft pick for him.

I think you’re right, I think Coleman is probably actually a decent player, he was in Seattle and had we had any kind of a pass-rush and better DB’s around him he wouldn’t have looked as bad.

I think his best attribute was punching the ball out and creating fumbles…had the cap not been reduced, he probably would have been worth keeping but I understand the move.

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Loved it, the first year we got him. Once we went with the “no rush” defense, all the DBs fell off.

Not mad to see him go given the direction of this team, but he was actually not that bad of a player like most of our cuts are/will be.

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A reminder he was ranked as the 111th best corner in the nfl last year. Out of 111. Our standards for talent in this fan base have really dropped.

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What if the 110 above him had to play his position…in his Defense?

He’ bumps WAY up, promise you.
Context, my brother.

Come on. Jeff Okudah looked bad in Patricia’s defense. The scheme clearly didn’t help anybody.

See what I did there?

Okudah was a rookie without a training camp. And besides, he was ranked #111 out of #111. You can make the case he’s a better player than what we saw in Detroit, I’m cool with that, but that he’s “not that bad of a player” is where you start to lose me. Especially given he’s the highest paid nickel corner of all time.

Wish him the best moving forward. I’m sure he’ll be better this coming season no matter who he plays for - but that’s not exactly going out on a limb since even the 2nd worst corner in all of football would still be an improvement LOL.