Lions Cut Coleman

Lions released CB Justin Coleman.

A favorite of ex-coach Matt Patricia, Coleman lasted two years into a “five-year, $36 million” deal. He missed five games last season with a hamstring injury and also spent time on the COVID list. Coleman is a slot corner only and turns 28 later this month. He was set to count over $11 million against the cap. If he’s designated a pre-June 1 cut, Detroit saves over $4.9 million in cap space while absorbing over $6 million in dead money.

I don’t have a huge attachment to it, but I thought this dude was better than he got credit for.

He got de-enthused by MP and Quinn.


It could be the case. He was playing extremely good ball the first half of 2019, but if I remember correctly his play fell off and then he got hurt. Then was thoroughly average at best last year.

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I feel we made almost no adjustments on D, and as more film got out on us, we became more and more easily throttled. What DBs were being asked to do, especially last year, was reee-diiiiiick-yooouuu-luuusss.

That said, we’ll likely get someone cheaper and younger. Hopefully they can step up and be decent. Thankful for the extra picks inn coming years.


Actually, it was a 4 year $36 Million deal. Even worse.

One of the worse signings Boob did. Not a bad player but way overpriced…like James and flowers. Keep it going Holmes

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We all knew the spring clean out was coming on defense. We have cut Christian Jones, Coleman and Trufant so far, who’s next?


Shelton? Williams?

The Outlaw is next…to be followed by Clipboard Holder Man. EDIT- Oh yeah, Nick Williams. He Gone .

Shelton I think is a wait and see how he looks in camp and how he fits. He could be a valuable flip piece at the trade deadline if they aren’t focusing solely on cap space needed for right now. I doubt you find a better DT for 4m. Now, if a better guy gets cut they like that may cost more than Shreton, then he likely is gone.

My prediction is that there will be one “shocker” cut. Unsure who that could be though.


Heh, right, because most of our roster sucks so it wouldn’t be much of a shocker if they got cut. The surprise would be if they moved on from a young guy, I guess. But why would they do that when they don’t cost much?

He made his reputation as one of the top Slot CB’s in the NFL in Seattle’s Zone scheme. So of course we make him the highest paid Slot CB in the NFL to go play 90% man to man. Results were predictable. Thought he’d be good for us if we move to a New Orleans style secondary, but is what it is.


DaShawn Hand? That’s mayyybe it???

Dunno. Good point though.

Jarrad Davis, Kyle VanNoy etc etc.

It’s like the Lions former FO guys pay no attention to rudimentary stuff like this, draft and FA.

Any cap benefit to cutting Flowers? I dont think he is bad, just overpaid.

No cap benefit for Flowrs and Big V. Flowers might be restructure candidate.

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Right cutting Flowers would actually cripple our cap.

Agree on Shelton, unless or until we have a better option wait and see. Williams? He gone…

Yeah I think he plays the Morgan Fox role in our Rams style front. Essentially RDE in a 3 man front. Then let J Okwara and Parsons/Rousseau/Phillips/Ojulari/J Smith/Roche/Odeyingbo/Tryon etc. (deep 3-4 OLB class) hunt from the rush OLB positions.

tavai ??


Gary Coleman would’ve been just about as productive in Patricia’s defense.