Lions cut TE Jordan Thomas

This is from a real account:

Looks like we’re back down to 8 TEs under contract for next season now. lol


We got 8 TE’s, but only 1 is NFL caliber.


I’d say Griffin is at least a Third Tight end blocking specialist

Maybe, he’s played in 20 games in his 6 years with the Saints. Has mostly been a practice squad guy. He’s more of an H-Back than a Tight end as well. He’s not very big, listed at 240.

I really think we will be drafting a tight end, even as high as the 3rd round to pair with Hock.

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Let’s hope we get someone else in there that can play. Hockenson hasn’t been the most durable in his three seasons

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I don’t even know who he is/was.

Sounds like our Safetys

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He was basically Houston’s version of our Michael Roberts

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Was Jordan Thomas the love-child of Michael Jordan and Isiah Thomas?