Lions' DB coach leaves for the Miami Dolphins

For how poorly the secondary here played this past year, I doubt many hearts will be broken around these parts.

This is an opportunity for a major upgrade in this area.

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More like Brian PUKER

So maybe Bly actually isn’t going anywhere.

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Deshea Townsend or Dre Bly may be the replacement here.

Why the nasty posts he like left for a raise an over all job change. Nothing wrong with that who wouldn’t leave for a nice pay increase? His Lion title was DEFENSIVE BACKS based on article he is responsible for more if you go by the title. secondary coach/pass game coordinator \we have his replacement already. defensive passing game coordinator Deshea Townsend

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This moves leaves our coach rather depleted in terms of coaches named after :poop:

Best of luck, Brian!

I can understand why people wouldn’t be a fan with how bad the secondary was.

That said, glad he’s getting a better opportunity elsewhere. Hope he’s successful there (unless he’s in the Super Bowl against Detroit).

How many different corner and secondary coaches have the Lions now had the past 3 years?

Gotta be 4 or 5 at least. This is getting a little ridiculous.

Not trying to pile on AG… but it raises some eyebrows IMO

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Guessing he’s leaving since he was passed over for passing game coordinator here. That’s OK. One of the few non-player coaches we had.

I wonder if this guy would be interested in coming home? Steeler Nation: Pittsburgh Steelers News, Rumors, & More

I feel like DC keeps everything very in house and under wraps in regard to coaching performance…Which makes it very difficult to tell if a coach is leaving for another opportunity having been a good coach, or because they are encouraged to leave due to shortcomings. It’s easier to speculate when they are released mid-season

I thought our safeties (Duker’s specialty) were actually pretty good this past year. It’s the CBs that were the issue.

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that article makes it sound as though we won’t have a safeties coach. the new guy’s title is CB coach and passing game coordinator. So if Bly stays, we;ll have two CB coaches and no safeties coach. :man_shrugging:

They were late. They sucked badly for most of the year IMO.

Iffy was a force of nature. He alone completely changed the complexion of our defense.


Yeah, between Jacobs’s demotion, Walker’s demotion and Joseph’s sideline blowup, I guess we shouldn’t be surprised to see changes at CB and S. On one hand there’s a lack of talent, on the other there’s head-scratching moments.

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Worst part of all of this - Dude’s not even worth any draft picks