Lions defense aligned wrongly in 4 th down

Sick of seeing this all the time.Lions defense were aligned wrongly in the left side on 4 th down ,
players looked confused on their spot and hiting wrong hole.This is coaching and not even calling
a timeout to check their play.This is ridicoulus saving timeouts philosphy when we cant really use them in last seconds.We all fans looked like a fool because of our incapable dfensive staffs

Need more info. Do you have a picture? How do you know what defense was called?

All talk no proof? Not disagreeing, just need to see.

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if you can recall the left side, you can see that guys were not set, i wanted a time out

Don’t feed the trolls

If Patricia says we were not lined up the way they wanted I will believe HIM

I think our guy either got worked to the inside or just plain screwed up and did not maintain outside leverage. The #1 thing you want there is to not let PM out…same with ARog and I believe it was more player not executing than scheme/play call

In the Lions defense…Patrick Mahomes did have Fire in Eye on that play so what are the Lions to do…