Lions Defensive Back Stat Comparison

So I made a chart similar to this for the WRs and DLs. So why not DBs.

I included Jacobs, Harris, Walker and Sutton just to see what they lost, and included Vildor because holy hell is that dude bad.

Everyone else doesnt have enough data to really warrant being added.

Comp% (Allowed)
To/tgt - Turn Overs per target rate
Pd/tgt - Pass Deflection per target rate
PD&TO/Tgt - Pass Deflection plus turnover per target rate
TD/TGT - Touch downs allowed per target rate
ADOT - Average Distance pass the line per target
Air yard/comp - average Air yards of ball caught
YAC/Comp - average yards after catch allowed
Rate - QB rating when targeted

Like I said in his resigning thread, Jacob’s was playing bad, but they replaced bad with garbage. Vildor is not an NFL level talent. So thankful the Lions draft means he most likely won’t be on this roster.

I added Walker and Harris to compare.

Yea jacobs and Sutton were basically the same just meh. They were ok. But vildor was trash

And harris was almost as bad.

How good are they in run support though? Houston will do the coverage thing.

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Another thing i need access to PFF stats for. No where has anything. Espn and others only have pointless grades and usually only for the top 20 or so. PFF has the full stat breakdown but you need to pay