Lions Defensive Line Stat Comparison

So I made a similar chart for WRs. So I thought why not the DL as well.

But this is all the current players on the roster.
Also added Harris, and the Okwaras for refrence
Not adding Peko because I don’t think he’ll make the 53 man roster. (Likely PS)
And the rest don’t have enough data or are rookies.

Also I dont pay for PFF and if someone could provide Win Rate and Double Team rate for these guys that would be great

But holy hell Houston

TO&SAF/S - Turnovers and Safeties per Snap rate
Sack/S - Sacks per Snap Rate
TFL/S - Tackle for loss per snap rate
Neg. Play / S - Turnovers, Safeties, Sacks and TFL per snap rate
Pres/s - QB hits, hurries and sacks per snap rate
Tackle/s - Solo and assisted tackles per snap rate

Houston is such a small sample size and such outrageously irregular numbers you can’t really draw any meaningful conclusions. If he plays 500 snaps this year he isn’t going to be putting up those kind of numbers.

What’s exciting for me are Davenport’s numbers, he’s basically got the same level of performance as Hutch. A really smart and handsome member of this forum started a thread saying that if Davenport is healthy then the Lions will win the Super Bowl, and I happen to agree with him.

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Davenport had Cam Jordon opposite of him at New Orleans. So hopefully that mean Hutch can match that production.
Aiden has a higher Pressure rate than Cam.
4.7% vs 4.5%

But Cam had a higher Big play %
2.9% vs 3.3%

So it’s comparable but vs what the lions had vs davenport. Yea huge difference

Great Work DBend!!!
What is your source for these stats?
Also, You don’t include Cominsky. He should have as much data as Houston and Paschal.

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Oh snap. Forgot about him somehow! Absolutely!

And i used for all my stats.

The only thing they really don’t include is Win Rate and Double Team Rate.

The only real question about Davenport is if he can actually be healthy enough to contribute. The ability is there but the availability has not been.

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Added comisnky
As well as Okwaras and Harris just for reference.

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