Lions Den Mock Draft Results 2023 via polls


6 -Jailin Carter DT

18- Nolan Smith Edge

48- Cam Smith CB

55- Cody Mauch OL

81- Cedric Tillman WR

5th - Stetson Bennett QB

6a- Charlie Jones WR

6b- Jake Moody K

Carter and Cam and Cedric were blow outs.
Nolan Smith and Mauch came down to the wire.

All in all, if it played out like this I’d be super happy. Consensus den votes


Hard not to like a draft that has the Lion’s adding three players in the trenches & a CB through the first four picks


Nolan Smith has a chance to be the best defender from this draft class, IMO. I personally don’t want an edge rusher because we are stacked there and have a lot of youth there as well. With that said, Nolan Smith at 18 is just like Will Anderson at 6, just too good a value to pass up.


According to Reuter we got 4 1st rounders

Bump for Bennett

I like it except for Bennett.

A round or 2 too early if you ask me…just like the other guy they almost got round 2.

Backup QB is a serious concern for the Den pollsters

Happy we got Stetson though. Now trade for Corral

In the moment I was more whacked out by some of the choices that I am looking at the totality of it. I get tunnel-thinking about my favorites and the sequencing of picks…unlike the rest to you. LOL

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