Lions denying report that there's a rift between Anthony Lynn and Jared Goff

CBS Sports reported this, citing “multiple anonymous sources.”

From their article:

Lynn had a very difficult time connecting with starting quarterback Jared Goff, sources said, and that relationship never really clicked. The overall structure of the passing game, and game-day tendencies with play-calling has quickly become an issue for the winless Lions as well. Lynn, a longtime running back assistant in the league and a head coach with the Chargers, was also having difficulty with elements of the run game as well, with differing opinions about blocking schemes and frustration over the usage of do-everything back D’Andre Swift, the sources said.

“This was a long time coming,” said one team source. “It just wasn’t working and there were definitely some personality clashes.”

The problems had been festering since at least October, and with both the running and passing game struggling it became clear some changes had to be made. Campbell, considered a coach’s coach and someone with a reputation for being very loyal, quietly assumed many of Lynn’s duties, and there are no plans for any further shakeups on staff, sources said.

MLive and the Freep are reporting all of the Lions’ denials of this.

Said Goff:

“Yeah, I was just told about that,” Goff said on Tuesday afternoon. “I don’t know where that came from. We have a great relationship. Me and him talk daily. I don’t know where that came from.”

Said Campbell:

Asked about the CBS Sports report on Tuesday, Campbell said the Goff-Lynn relationship was “fine” and scoffed at the anonymous team sourcing.

“Somebody showed me that it was a team source,” Campbell said. “I would love to know who that was. It wasn’t me.”

A. The protestations here from Goff and Campbell don’t make this untrue. What else would they say?

B. If the CBS Sports writer isn’t just making up his sources, or they aren’t actually people very close to the team, this story is a bad sign. Shows the typical Lions disharmony that people close to the situation would talk about it in this way.

C. The Goff experiment has failed, and Holmes and Campbell need to be plotting a path forward. It goes without saying that the A-Lynn as OC experiment has failed, too.

And the plot thickens …

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We are 0-9-1, the plot sucks, they all suck. It’s a group effort. It’s not just the OC, it’s not just the QB, it’s not just the WR’s, they are all garbage.

I just actually think there is roots to this though

La Canfora wouldnt make it up

If that is a verified Goff quote, I tend to believe him.

He is a very honest interview and when he doesn’t want to say or holds back is when you can start to read between the lines. He may be selective in his truth, meaning he addresses the “relationship” and not the offensive play calling or performance. He may be pissed about those but the “relationship” itself is fine.

Not saying he doesn’t disagree with the offense and philosophy but I think he is saying that him and Lynn aren’t contentious with each other like him and McVay were at the end


These media turds make up shit for a living over and over and over again.

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I mean…I am not aware of the respected NFL reporters doing so…

Am I wrong?

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Hypothetical. If Detroit offered Sonny Dykes 2.5M to be OC do you think he would take it? If they do truly still believe in Jared Goff that’s the move I’d try and make. Zero chance it actually happens.

I actually think Dan Mullen would be perfect. Blend of smash math, zone read and spread. I think that fits Dan’s vision well. The problem is Mullen is going to get some good college HC offers.

Well, look at what Goff says here: “We have a great relationship; we talk daily.”

That doesn’t tell you a whole lot about whether they’re on the same page. Their job is to talk to each other every day!

one dude can’t call plays

one dude can’t throw balls

I cannot imagine why a rift would form

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Sunny Dykes is not good! Please no :-).

Tony Franklin was the mastermind behind the Cal Bear Raid that delivered record breaking numbers. His scheme would probably work for a while, but ultimately it’s not built to win championships.

The spread is awesome between the 20s because it forces teams to cover maximum ground. It tends to whimper in the redzone because things are more congested and the defense can create number advantages and stop the run.

Yes that may be the between the line I am talking about…

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Sure sounds like he’s a top candidate for TCU.

A-Lynn: “Jared, I need you to throw the ball to this open guy – see here, on the film?”

Goff: “But that’s like 12 yards down field. No.”

A rift.


All good points. That’s why I’d like Dan Mullen as he blends some power run concepts with spread. I just think if Goff is to have success here we need to spread things out. Easy quick reads.

They could be right, but does it matter!? They both haven proven to be terrible right. We are winless in 10 games. The blame game is for losers. Results matter.

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Wow I see that rumor and it’s shocking! The guy never even played football, he was a baseball player. His dad was the famous football coach.

I’d take a look at Dykes coordinators and their credentials because Dykes team performance pretty much mirrored whoever his coordinators were.

There was an interesting comment attributed to Goff by one of the ex-player color guys during, irrc, the PIT game about the playcalling/scheme. That old saw about defining madness as doing the same things over & over & expecting different results.

Anybody else catch that & the exact context ?

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I don’t mean to offend you by saying this but it’s really, really hard to win at Cal. Take Wilcox. I think he’s a pretty good defensive coach who could win at a decent clip at a place with less academic constraints and less other shit to do competition for fans/enthusiasm

0-9-1, there better be a rift.