Lions draft intentions clear as mud

The way it should be.


That’s what we want! Never let teams think they know our plans. Quinn tried but failed. We shall see if Holmes has done it right.

There are the known unknowns and the unknown unknowns at this point. If anyone can unknot the mystery of who the Niners are drafting, that would be one step toward less fog.

There fog is frustrating for fans but it’s probably ideal conditions for OCD front office types like Holmes and Dorsey to thrive in.

He didn’t try. He publicly stood by Stafford when he should’ve been non-commital. Then he could’ve talked with Stafford privately to let him in on the poker game.


Quinn didn’t try lol. He was an open book on not drafting a QB.


It was obvious to anyone with a brain that Quinn was drafting Okudah. He painted himself into a corner with the roster and had no choice.

With all the moves at the top, it seems that one of the very best non-QB is going to fall to the Lions.
Get it right!!



I love the murkiness. Nice change from the buffoonery of past drafts.

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I would say the Lions first round draft picks have been murky since they drafted Suh with the exception of last season. I didn’t see many of them, or at least chose not to believe (ex. Ebron).

It becomes more shocking everyday how much of a buffoon this guy is. Running a close second in buffoonery, is Ernie Accorsi, who pimped him to Martha.

I see what you did there