Lions' Fan Luck

Now I’m
Not sayin’ we got no luck at all

But doesn’t it feel like if we didn’t have bad luck , we had no luck at all ?

Feel free to add to the list of uniquely Lions’ fan luck

This gambling issue was unexpected. if the concerns on the season you had included this , you’re a terrible comedy writer.

1 Calvin catch
2 Suh missing extra point
3 fake mask
4 naked drive through
5 pulling gun on college kids in your small college town
6 I’m not qualified to be a president of any other nfl team
7 Barry come back !
8 not pass interference
9 Carolina turf war


As Holmes said yesterday in his presser… “Embrace the darkness”

Interesting that he said that, and then this news got released today. He knew.

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Is that the same as choosing wind in sudden death ot?

Let’s not forget Utley, andolsek, and Reggie brown…


They were in the windy city… duh. No brainer to take the wind :wink:

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Yeah I should go back and listen to that again given this coming out today… he was very short in talking about Jamo being there, and the way he said he drafted him for this year… I dunno, but could maybe read a little bit in between the lines on some of that stuff knowing what we know now.

I will say Holmes is a damn good poker player though. It’s hard to read into what he says a lot of the time


What do you have to get fired around here…
Get killed mowing your lawn…
Throwing your kid under the bus because cocaine was found in your car…
Only team to have a player die on the field…
Take the wind…
Drunken pissed, kill three teens…

Its a legacy…


Holmes would make an excellent gambler… haha too soon!?

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Hahahaha never too soon!

Hit the Wendy’s at 3am wasted with no clothes on!

government americans GIF


This clip from the chapelle show is awesome

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Shaking my dam head emoji

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That’s a jam!!!

Lions vs everybody. Sometimes everybody includes the Lions.

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“Villain” “Embrace the Darkness”. It’s all coming together now, lord knows which news comes out next. “Goff is retiring” “Hutch demands a trade”. If Holmes wears an “SOL” hoodie for his next presser then be afraid Lions fans, be very afraid.

Lol every time I hear “embrace the darkness” I keep thinking of this song…

Kinda miss the silence, wish I was reading about someone’s 5000092282628 mock draft…

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See this is the problem with wishes

I wasn’t specific

Dear Genie
Please give me a break from all these mock drafts

Now I only got two left

Lol no kidding! Damn genie or monkeys paw shit… lol