Lions far more structured than Browns

You got hooked.

Quinn has 4 SB rings. So, what’s your point. I just stated Caldwell reached his ceiling here.

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It’s the slow news season. Thought it was an interesting perspective from a current Lions player.

As for a bias, no agenda here. Just passing along the info.


Variety is the spice of life.

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Still so butt hurt over the Digg’s trade still…need to get over that.

Actually I was referring to Valles…you know the the not even 5th option TE but the PS fringe talent…but hey spin the narrative your way!


Not as a GM he doesn’t. Caldwell won more than 9 games several times as a head coach. His ceiling here was not 9 wins, since he won 11 games HERE. That’s all I was saying. The talent level dropped once Quinn arrived. That may have lowered the ceiling for wins, but as a coach, his ceiling was not 9. He proved that multiple times.


Then don’t be afraid to state his name in the first place. I will give the 5th option TE’s opinion as much merit as the 5th option QB. None.

The ceiling for me is not how many wins we get in a season: win the SB.

Fact is there are 31 losers and one SB winner… how good or how bad we lost doesn’t matter imho.

14-2 or 2-14… you don’t win the big one you failed at the annual goal.

Meaning Caldwell now Matter how much I like him or evenMP as of this season… they both failed.

So next is what to do to make a run next yr. and only next yr…

Quinn has 0 zero Super Bowl rings as a GM.

Caldwell does have more than 9 wins a head coach

Hell Caldwell has 2 Superbowl rings as a coach if we get to use previous roles.

I’m convinced, lets re-hire Caldwell.

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