Lions far more structured than Browns

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I don’t think anyone would argue that Kitchens is a disaster. I still think they are much closer than we are though. A new coaching staff there could really make them a solid contender.

They are likely going to win 7 games this year with one of (if not the worst) coaches in the league.

We are going to win 3, have a busted roster and our coach might be the 2nd worst coach in the league. Interesting snippet, but it’s not uncommon for a player to talk a bit of smack to the team that sent him elsewhere.


Interesting part here about Patricia’s contribution to the offense:

Feely told an anecdote about Blough meeting with head coach Matt Patricia every Tuesday to “break down the opposing defense and the players, and what he saw and what he thought they’d do.”

Patricia is a defensive-oriented head coach, a former coordinator under Bill Belichick in New England. Feely offered that “I don’t understand why every defensive coordinator or head coach wouldn’t do that.”


They loose thier starting QB and RB and they go winless that entire time imho…

We have our starters not injured and we would be closer to 8-9 win imho…

This year we are still better concidering everything.


Yup - Matt not playing makes it an apples/oranges comparison. Not even close to the same thing.

Let’s get and aggressive DC and work the division over. Rodgers is very human, when pressured, and Cousins folds up like a pup tent. Let’s find a way to get some playmakers on the DL, and build from there.

Maybe we have a #15, or so D, and let Matt outscore them with a #5ish offense.


Lol…now it’s just a former player talking about his old team, but it’s a testament when one of our former players does!


Bingo! I thought about mentioning the GQ thread And the comments he made there but didn’t want to deal with the rationalization of why it was different.

The information is only credible apparently when it might support the bias we already have on the topic. :joy::joy::joy::joy:


The best information is the information that supports our biases! :crazy_face:


Yeah, the team has 3 wins on the year. I’ll take disorganized, with wins, over whatever “structure” this franchise is suppose to have.
LOL @ Lions having structure.


Yeah, and people think Caldwell needed to be fired. Good God man, we need a competent GM and a halfway decent coach. Stafford will do the rest.

You’re comparing a legit starting safety and a leader to a bench warming emergency QB who will likely do nothing but hold a clipboard the rest of his career.

Sorry. I don’t take anything Blow says seriously. Dude has been here 5 minutes and was the 5th QB option on a terrible Lions team. Of course he will say nice things about the team that gave him a shot and bash the team that moved on from him.

He did need to be fired. Surely you remember the temperature of the forum at that time. What happened after is a completely different issue. Quinn replaced him with the wrong guy. Period. Before Martha read the lumps in her oatmeal and said fatty stays.

Believe the majority here would agree that Quinn should have canned him at seasons end. No doubt Quinn is a smart man but made a dumb move in hiring his buddy. I would have liked to believe that he would learn and be capable of finding a replacement.

Don’t get hooked on one blurb said in passing. 9-7 was Caldwells ceilng.

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Such incredible structure on this team that hasn’t won a playoff game or the division in 28 years. I am just so thoroughly impressed with Matt Patricia and Bob Quinn and the structure They’ve built here in Detroit.

I’m so glad my team has more structure than the Cleveland Browns!

The funniest thing to me is all the slappies in here trashing BTP when they say the same shit about writers or former players who say negative things about the lions. Hi pot, meet kettle.

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Like saying twigs as a building structure is stronger than straw.


Cleveland has a ton of talent. Dorsey however completely ignored character and chemistry though. Under the right head coach and/or quarterback that scenario can work out but Cleveland has neither one currently.

Cleveland will always “Cleveland up” the situation, regardless of how much talent they have. Like the Lions, they will never let us down. Hiring Freddie Kitchens was unbelievably stupid.

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Except for when he won 14 games with the Colts and 10 games with the Colts………… oh, and ELEVEN games with the LIONS.


Praising the Lions “structure” over the Browns is like choosing whether you like to eat fresh dog shit over dried up white dog shit.

Also, I respect Blough’s opinion about as much as I respect Dan Orlovsky’s opinion. 2 guys who got handed a job by the Lions and won exactly zero games combined for the Lions. Why exactly should anyone trust that these guys know how to judge structure, game prep or anything relevant to the NFL?

@Rugbylion658 like I said, he would find a way to rationalize it.

@BigTenPhan Your bias is ruins whatever valid points you make.

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Lol, my bias? Ripping on a 3 win team is too harsh for you or something? My “bias” is based on decades of garbage. That is real. It’s not an opinion. It’s a fact.