Lions film breakdown: How Baltimore’s offense got the better of the Lions’ defense Breaking down the All-22 film


Nice post!

I always like the POD stuff.

I like these other videos as well - These are some of the best football-analysis videos I’ve seen anywhere on the internet or TV. I love the actual breakdown of film and learning more about football rather than just…parroting a talking head on TV’s talking points.

Thanks to this guy, I feel like I’m finally learning things at a deeper level than “Well Stephen A Smith said…” If I keep watching, maybe I can catch up to some of the other guys on this board in terms of football intelligence and being able to pick up on things I wouldn’t have noticed before.

Here’s some more for anyone interested.

I watched this preview video prior to the game and was surprised to see Glenn deploying a strategy that the analyst, who is very familiar with Baltimore, made clear does not work against Lamar. On one hand, it gives me optimism that the Lions CAN address this problem schematically. On the other hand, I’m concerned about Campbell making it clear he liked the gameplan going into the game.


The only film breakdown of this game I wanna see is the one that has Yakkity Sax over it.

We sucked, we shit every possible bed. Not a single player, coach, or other professional associated with the Lions looked good Sunday.

As the bard said, “Breathe in, breathe out, move on…” Or… “we’re on to Cincinnati”

If we shit the bed again Monday come talk to me, otherwise, ad astra, per aspera.


I really like this guy, he covers Lions content very well. However after the Lions loss I refused to watch any Ravens content to shield myself from that nightmare game. He’s a Ravens fan so it’s understandable.

Yes, I have to protect myself from football every now and then. I needed a couple days off after my psyche was shredded on Sunday. I’m well enough now to view the carnage. It takes a while to recover from this.

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