Lions finish at least 5-12

That’s my prediction for the end of the season. Beat Bears, Jags and Packers at home. Win a minimum of one game at Carolina, NY Giants, Bears or Jets on the road.


Our D is giving up nearly 5 TDs a game (32.1 points). The Chiefs who have the #1 scoring offense have dropped 40-burgers on 3 different teams and they only average 31.8 scoring a game.

We make every team look like the Chiefs. Gotta stop that.

Our corners gotta stop a pass. All QBs from Mac Jones’ backup to Jalen Hurts get over 100 QBR against us.


I don’t see us getting any more than 3 wins… maybe less.


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3-14 at best. This defense is so bad the 1976 Tampa Bay Bucs would put 40 on us.

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The defense is only reactive. I don’t see them doing anything especially well. It almost looks like the scheme is: Just everyone run around and try to make a tackle


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I can see 5-12. 3 is about as possible.

Probably end up 4 and I have to pay my brother ANOTHER 6 pack…I need 6 wins and that ship looks to have sailed.

Im owing damn near a pony keg at this point

@TNutZz u wanna point me to your website so I can buy a 6er of most of what you make?

Drop em off in your parents garage and I’ll pick em up, as Im trying to get your brother with my name to come out for Monday night football watch party at Uccellos this season w the rest of the old crew

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My koolaid has turned sour!

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I’m heading back in a few weeks. I’ll for sure bring a bunch of beers this time. Would love to join y’all at Uccellos for a game or two

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grit and kneecaps fellas. lol

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There’s 2 of the 5. Beat Packers at home.

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Nice call

And there’s 3. I may have understated the win total at 5.

playoff predictor machine comes out this week. Should be fun for a week.

Win next week and they’ll be in the Wildcard discussion… :grinning: