Lions fire coach of the year

Not that I am disappointed, but it looks pretty comical on its face.

Bonomego was voted NFC North Special Teams Coach of the Year by personnel men from each team in the division.

They probably gave him the award just for landing a job after the debacle he was CMU.

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with that logic Patricia should be coach of the year too, by the fellow north coaches.

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I think the other coaches gave him the award in the hopes we would keep him…


They give anyone with a CMU degree an award for finding a job…



It’s funny how all these other coaches are at fault for the shitshow that is the Lions yet the guy who assembled the roster and the guy who was in charge of everything get a pass.
Hmmm…they are under contract for 3 more years. That is my guess as to why these buffoons are back again.

Oar the canoe…or whatever…


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I actually liked that it was by design for Martin to kick the ball to the 2 yard line and let our ST’s make the tackle. Martin had one of the least amount (if not THE least) amount of touch backs. Way more often than not, the tackle was made before the 25 it seemed. Could be wrong but haven’t seen the stats. Just going by memory which at this point in my life is shall I say… shaky.

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I’m curious why he won it.

Was the ST group consistently better under his guidance?

We were 30th in touchbacks.

He was handed a top level kicker, LS and return guy. So I’m not giving him credit for their play. I’m curious what did he do?

I think we all would like to know.
My comment was because he led CMU to their first ever winless season in the MAC and was fired. Then the Lions hired him back.
Like someone else said, maybe they hoped the Lions would keep him.

Ok so with a little digging the Lions were 13th in opponents gross and net punt yards per game.

We were 9th in gross punt yrds and 7th in net yrds a game.

But according to PFF the Lions ST were the 3rd best in the NFL. At the end of the 2018 season.

I’m not sure how they determined these rankings.

Seems like I remember a lot of penalties early in the year.

Football outsiders does a st ranking to. They show the lions ranked 19th at the end of the 2018 season and 8th at the end of this season.

I dont know but it does seem a bit like MP may have jumped the gun on John B.

It’s all part of the process.

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Honestly, I don’t think a special teams coach can really make a big difference in the kicking department; I’m guessing he probably doesn’t know as much about kicking as the actual kickers… He can make a huge difference in punt and kickoff coverage.