Lions free agent profile: Emmanuel Moseley should get another shot

@Tcmouse , yeah I know him, he’s been here but hasn’t done much lately, I like Mosely-however I think we can have better and “I” am not emotionally attached to him—like I said before that is up to our staff if they keep him—I will be fine with that , if they don’t–I will be fine with that…

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A corner coming off two acl injuries that hasn’t played much in two years? No thanks


See that was my first thought too. But it’s like buying a 5 dollar lotto ticket. He aint gonna cost anything and if somehow had a miracle comeback… well a lotto win.

I don’t see any risk.


I’d bring him back. I’d spend significant draft capital and / or cap space on bringing in probably two other guys at CB, but I’d bring back Moseley as my CB4 on paper and kind of like drafting Brian Branch into a position group that was already very strong, if Moseley turns out to be worthy of starting then that’s not a bad problem to have at all, and if he’s not then he’s inexpensive depth.

  • Draft pick / free agent
  • Sutton
  • Draft pick / free agent
  • Moseley
  • Gilmore
  • (Dorsey) (primarily special teams)

Put it this way, I’d prefer Moseley as a depth CB over Vildor or Jacobs, and the difference in price won’t be a lot.


Vildor and Moseley battling for 4th to 6th on the depth chart would be ideal to me. Vets with experience but with limitations.

We just need a real upgrade at the top of the depth chart. I think we can all agree on that. We also need some young blood with healthy knees.


You’d think with all the kneecap biting we could have put those parts to good use. Instead they’re probably all piled up in a corner somewhere gathering dust.

Didn’t get a fair shot? WTF.

The issue is he will not be able to practice again until very late. Pass for me. Get a guy that can at least rep early on.

I get you. While i do not have an issue with bringing him back, i see that as a depth move. The Lions still need to address the top of the depth chart and find a CB1.


Exactly what do some think we offer him what ever his minimum is in salary an you can add bonuses for playing. So lets say his minimum is 1 mil that’s a salary meaning he can be cut before season or during an he gets a % of that per game. The bonus he has to play an it can be per game.

Release him an pay nothing he gets healthy an you have a very very good CB for next to nothing . Being different is ok when it cost being different when the gain is major plus is just wrong.

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Moseley is not to be counted on in 2024 regardless. You build this roster like he isn’t even a factor. If he gets healthy and earns a job, you just massively upgraded your CB room for cheap at one of the thinner position groups in the NFL.


Even if he can’t play till say game 5 you can still release him an pay just for 4 games he worked out. Not asking him to do nothing but get healthy for free an if he does you have a very good CB if he doesn’t your out zero except for games he was on roster which will not even be pocket change if you release him of he blows his knee again at game 5 . When you have a chance to have a top type CB for next to nothing an you say no??? He will not even count on roster . Some strange fans.


Exactly let him be either a nice surprise or at least a veteran presence for the Rookies and young DBs. I mean he did stay in Detroit when he could have left at anytime this season.

If worse case he would be an easy cut.


Moseley got 6 mil

Rumor was coaches were pissed about his set back in camp…prolly dickin around instead of being at the HQ rehabbing.

Jacobs & Vildor were 1 mil

Give me both them guys back fighting for a spot over Moseley

Build our CB room this offseason

1 year fliers haven’t worked out for us with guys coming off significant injuries.

He’s coming off 2 in a row.

Hard pass


That’s how I see it

They say you overcompensate for one leg being injured. So maybe they’ll balance out since both have been surgically repaired? Just trying to be positive… :see_no_evil:

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This, my friends, is U.G.L.Y.:

Detroit finished with PFF’s third-worst coverage grade, and here were the stats of each individual outside cornerback, per the analytics site.

Cameron Sutton: 113 targets, 77 completions, 1,173 yard allowed, 8 TDs, 1 INT, *122 passer rating
Jerry Jacobs: 71 targets, 47 completions, 602 yards allowed, 7 TDs, 3 INTs, *107.8 passer rating
Kindle Vildor: 34 targets, 21 receptions, 448 yards allowed, 3 TDs, 0 INTs, *135.0 passer rating

WOW. :face_vomiting:


Kindle Vildor wasn’t the Jedi I hoped he could be.


Yep we all wanted to add talent last year but it didn’t happen.

Hopefully this year

Can’t trot out a #2 as our #1
UDFA and dude off the streets

@Thats2 I’m thinking Mikey Sainristil would be a good fit. Surprised?

That’s not his issue, that’s his strength. If cheap it allows us to stash a reinforcement for the second half of the season. Our CB room will get hit with injuries. It always does.

I’m only interested for a paltry sum but the idea of getting even an average NFL CB back midseason is quite appealing to me.


Utterly shocked lol.

That said I like him quite a bit too. However he’s more of a slot corner who might be able to play some outside, and what we really need is the opposite. The Chargers will probably reach for him anyway.


You do bring up an interesting point regarding the Chargers, specifically Harbaugh and the 18+ UM Players in the draft. Over/Under on how many will be Chargers?