Lions game worn jersey auction

Hi all,

Finally picked up the shipment of game worn and (some) autographed jerseys that my uncle purchased directly through Detroit Lions auctions.

Here’s a sampling …

I’ll probably start the auction during the bye.

Some not pictured include other Moore jerseys, Scroggins, Swilling, Farr, McNeil, Massey, Lynch, etc.


Oh wow very nice! I will be watching for the jerseys :slight_smile:


Either of the Moore’s game used?

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Yes. I think I have 3 of them. All game-worn, to my knowledge (each comes w/ a certificate from the Lions).

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I’ll be watching closely for this!!

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I love the tight arms on the Blades jersey.

also love the throwbacks

very cool, godfather


Hope you’ll wash them first…

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Interested in this. I have a few already.


I have a Turkey Day James Hall game worn with Favre’s blood on it. Keeping it for now, but one of these days Ill get rid of it.


Man, I did like James Hall.


I’m torn on what to pick. If its a Jimmy Wyrick jersey it will have tons of grass stains from getting run over, and even some endzone paint. But if I choose the Brockers jersey, it will be “like new” and I can wear it to more formal occasions.


My son-in-law has a stuffed alligator in his shop. Did he have a Bill Schrader jersey?

I have a jersey in mind here. Don’t think most of you will be after it but we’ll see.

Is the auction going to be for all of them? Where will this auction be? Very interested

Forgot that Layne22 was your uncle, Nate. He was a good poster from what I remember.


Perriman is damn near the same size as me when we’re both fit.

heard he’s not at his normal playing weight? LOL
…me either.

Dude I drafted you in the 2nd round in my mock draft last year and you can’t even make weight?

Simply unprofessional. The 2nd round curse continues.

Oh Come On Jim Carrey GIF

overcompensating with handsome

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Handsome doesn’t catch balls. It gets you a long way, but it doesn’t catch balls.

You’re welcome for that softball.