Lions' Giovanni Manu Refuses 'To Get Outworked'

It’s not so much a hierarchy of hats in order, rather they’re in tiers.

Top tier is a clean dome with no coverings, natural or otherwise.

I’d carry on, but I have to work and I’m quite proud of both lines already.

100% - a side of Sewell that probably goes unnoticed
Professionalism - 10/10
Work ethic - 10/10
“Give a shit factor” - 10/10
Family man - 10/10
Warrior - 10/10
Wiring - 10/10
MENTOR - 10/10…he’s in this space now too…those pregame “speeches” are different than other dudes…he means it and is speaking from his heart, not just trying to fire ppl up

Sewell is literally perfect in every sense of the word, for what we need him for. Ra is too, but Sewell is even more physically talented…an absolute freak.


Discovery Channel Win GIF by Discovery

Remember when Amon-Ra pancaked Nick Bosa TWICE in the same game?

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Fact. He has said that if you ask him after a game what he said, he doesn’t remember. He’s just a guy zoning out with his brothers on the battlefield.

I’m the same way (zoning out), when I work with ppl.