Lions GM Brad Holmes explains his side of the failed Jamaal Williams

This … is fascinating.

“… From a budgeting and planning standpoint of pre-free agency, you know, we had an allotment of resources set aside, really for Jamaal. Didn’t really even really consider another running back higher than that amount of resources that we set aside for Jamaal. Business happens and, you know, that’s part of this business. It just didn’t work. We tried, but when the market crystallized and it got to a point where David was in play, kind of within the range of resources that we had set aside, that’s when we went ahead and went forward with David, which we’re extremely excited about.”

I can’t imagine Brad is lying.

Which means Jamaal and his agent blew it.

Someone else can do the math on how much money Jamaal lost by sitting on his hands. But I read this as “Montgomery got Jamaal’s bag.”


Yes I looked at it the same way as I was listening to the interview. Both of them blew it.


I’m fine with it. We ended up getting a better all around runner. Loved Jamaal and the excitement he brought, but it didn’t work out, and we on paper are better for it.


Better and younger running back. Jamaal missed out, and we upgraded. Huge win for the Lions!


I think that’s the reality. Williams is trying to save face by saying the Lions offer was insulting. He and his agent assumed the Lions would overvalue and overpay but like the saying goes, ■■■■ around and find out


Be sure to wear protection!

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I hate to say this, but you almost wonder if the agent knew the Lions prior reputation and thought he knew what he could get away with. Being that they wanted him back and how he was a lockerroom guy. Probably figured that they’d overpay.

New sheriff in town though. Maybe that is why they talk about being Villians, who knows.


A lot of stuttering by the ugh umm ummm from Holmes. That was the only part of the interview he was like that.

Agree, both blew it.

But we are happy and so is Norlins.

Literally , like sorry dude a better younger version came along. You’re out Jamaal

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I viewed it as the Lions made an offer. Negotiated a cost and Jamal and his agent turned it down.

Along came David and the Lions saw an opportunity to upgrade and went for it.

Jamal and his agent definitely overplayed their hand. Jamal took his disappointment out on the Lions when he should own it and blame himself and his agent.

NFL teams stand thier ground more today than they ever have


Well, this was a good watch and read. Kind of clears everything up for me.

Next man up…

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emphasis on the “find out” if ya don’t…. :joy:

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Only Holmes and Campbell, apparently. Brad was not forthcoming with Danni about where “Villan” came from.


How about due to
Lions reputation
Brad got bailed out on the decision to sign Jamaal for DM money …?

This would be the rep of giving some over rated player more money than their worth to stay in Detroit ?

Isn’t that the other side of the narrative you’re suggesting ?

This is one of those
How would you feel if Jamaal said yes
And then DM signed in NO for jamaals contract ?

Brad is saying how much Jamaal meant by that offer so DM still has big shoes to fill in the eyes of the team with even higher expectations for the season.

An explanation that fits the facts without anybody lying is that the Lions budgeted for an amount similar to Monty for Jamaal, but low-balled him as an opening bid.

Brad was real specific about how he worded that explanation.

Montgomery is going to have his best season as a pro. 1,200 yards and 10 TDs

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so, we have human beings in charge that understand making a goal, and sticking by it.

feelings are not facts; these guys get it! JW didnt get this completely…

And he’s had 1500 combined yards and 10 TD’s before, he did that in 2020. Running behind the Lions line, he’s going to crush it!

Maybe I should have been more clear. When I said both blew it, I was referring to Swaggy and his agent (both of them) blew it.


I didn’t see where they specifically say DM is viewed as an upgrade

He definitely said they really valued JW.

I think they do respect what Williams did and the better can be 6 of 1 , half a dozen of the other … still have to prove it on the field and we can see if anybody can break his record behind this oline.

I think DM will have a great year too

Jamaal wanted starter money and looking to milk the the 17 td