Lions have competition! vikings!

lions would not have done much better if they had played in philly! black and blue division is not a lock for lions ! philly did have some injuries, though !

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Lions would have beat Philly if Philly played like they did last night. Philly has been rough so far. But 2 and 0 is 2 and O.


Apples and oranges. Welcome to the board.

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So the old “we lost better than you would have lost” defense?

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Brian Johnson is beloved in that building and I’m sure he’ll figure some things out but for now he’s a huge step down from Steichen.

Well, they beat us 38-35 last year as they came from behind…and we are better this year…and Minny is clearly worse than last year…

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Phillies offense looked really stale compared to last year. I mean, really stale.

They can still run the ball with that o-line, so they’ll be okay for most of the season. Not sure if that OC can keep pace with SanFran in a playoff game though, all other things being equal.

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Really!? I felt like I was watching a different game. They dominated. 430 yards of offense, 34 points, won the time of possession 40 mins to 20.


Four fumbles will make any offense look good.

Philly did not look as dangerous as they usually doo.

Phily strength right now?
Interior d Line
And running game.

Everything else so far has looked meh.

Minnesota tho?
Their WR room is stacked. But cousins is still above average and nothing more.

And they cant run the ball worth a damn!
65 yards TOTAL rushing in 2 games. Again TOTAL not per game.


The Vikes are exactly what many of us thought they were. Good offense, shitty defense.

Last year they gave up more points than they scored. They have always been a very flawed team. It continues without the wins this year. I think they go 7-10, maybe 8-9. No playoffs for them. And then Cousins is a free agent? Time to rebuild? Draft a QB?


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Welcome to the board, Vikings fan.

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Man, that had to hurt.

Philly ain’t playing like a SB team right now but gotta give them credit for winning. New coordinators taking a few games to get lined out I guess.

I am with you. I feel like I was watching a different game. Is it possible that the 2 of us entered a time warp that happened to align with when the Vikings played the Eagles and we literally saw a different game than other people?

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Absolutely yes! Natty sent me a couple of his toads for last nights game. It was a wild dimension, former Lions castoffs Hock and Swift kept scoring for TD’s! I was tripping serious balls.

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When I went to shake Dan Campbell’s hand…

…I tripped over his balls.

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