Lions have no back up QB ? why?

But this makes him a bad option as a backup QB. He probably won’t be ready for most of the season. If Hooker’s the plan, there will definitely be a 3rd option.

Oh I have plenty of questions about him. Why did it take him 5 years to show any pro-level potential? Was he just a man beating up on boys? Why didn’t he win the QB battle when he first got to Tennessee? Can he operate an offense that isn’t as wonky as the one the Vols run? Seriously they run zero professional plays. Why did Virginia Tech basically run him off?

I’m not saying there aren’t answers to all those questions, but not only do I not agree he has the least amount of questions, I think he has the most.

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Gonna have to send him up to the drive through window with Cullen, now!
:facepunch: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I know Cullen was naked at Wendy’s, didn’t know he shaved his nuts before going… Are you sure you weren’t with him Natty!? You seem to have some insider info here.

I’m not sure if Cullen was/wasn’t shaven downstairs.
What I am sure of, is this
→ our staff & team is ALWAYS looking for new & innovative ways to improve, leaving no stone unturned. Guessing they’ll try sending both a shaved guy & an unshaved guy, as well as one of each…see which scenario works best, then roll with that, until they find yet another way to improve &do it better.

World class coaching now, man. Things are different!

Please never change!!! ha ha

Honestly the logic here to me is that the backup options are average and this gives them the most trade leverage. By looking like they could take a QB

I can confirm that he was shaven. I was down on my luck and needed to make ends meat. I did some things that I’m not proud of. Most people called him “Coach Cullen.” I called him “opportunity to turn my life around.”

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