Lions have the 6th best receiving corp

According to PFF, who I’d take with a grain of salt, the Lions have the 6th best group of catchers.

They also had us ranked as the best group in the NFCN.

Here are the teams they ranked above us and the complete article.

The only teams PFF had ranked above the Lions is the Bucs, Chiefs, Cowboys, Saints and Bills.

Do you agree?

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It’s a top 10 unit for sure… We have a nice variety at the position as well, they all bring something different.

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I think it will be even higher after this season with Hock in year 2 and our new RB

I do agree. I definitely think we are the best in the NFC North hands down easily. We have come a long way from only Calvin.


Ain’t that the truth. It’s nice to see Stafford finally have a full arsenal.

Looking forward to seeing what he does with it.

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