Lions hire new passing game coordinator

Wait, there’s not a restriction on coaches in the NFL like there is in college??

Wait, there’s a restriction on something in college??

Yeah. You’re supposed to only have 10 full time assistant coaches. You can have as many “analysts” and QC coaches as you want, but you can only have 10 guys on staff with the HC.

How many guys are you allowed to employ to steal signs though?? :joy:

I think we just got 2 coaches since season end to help AG be more effective at implementing Dan’s game plan for shutting down an opponent’s offense week to week. Now Brad needs to get then some more players.

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This is a defensive guy. He is being brought in for the secondary…


Is he bald?

I’m pretty sure this guy was also named CB coach. If so, Bly may be gone, though haven’t seen anything announced.

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Absolutely the staff can be too big. Especially if they aren’t all rowing in the same direction. Pat Kirwan did a thought exercise where he counted the number of coaches on the staff vs the teams results. Teams with consistent success like the Steelers had the smallest staffs. Teams that were mismanaged dumpster fires had the most (like the old Browns before Stefanski). It wasn’t a perfect science. But there was a correlation between new owners with a business background throwing in a bunch of middle managers with nebulous titles and job duties vs the old guard who didn’t do that.


Good info @Mr.Peabody

Too many cooks in the kitchen can be an issue.

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The difference with the Lions is we expect to lose coaches after we win the Super Bowl next year.

I’m so different on this.

If we were to go to the SB and not win, I could easily see Ben wanting to come back again….

But that is me

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