Lions hire new passing game coordinator


Keep that coaching pipeline full, eventually Ben will actually move on.

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Engstrand?! He was getting OC interviews.

Itll be interesting to hear about what happens with Jon Scott and Engstrand. Are they getting let go or reassigned?

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Yeah what happens with him?

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I’m guessing Tanner is on the way out then? EDIT: GUESS NOT

UPDATE: Per Schultz, this hiring has no impact on Engstrand’s future with the team, as he’ll (Townsend) focus on the defensive side of the ball. Though it’s worth noting that last year the Lions did not have a pass game coordinator on both sides of the ball.


I’m pretty happy that we seem to getting our two positional coaches that may have been struggling some help. Or perhaps replaced in Scott’s case.

Have we got any updates with Scott? Being given another job title?

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Thanks, Sheila! Our staff has grown each year. No expense spared.


Hiring Townsend and Williams is very interesting. Pass game coordinator and run game coordinator, with both presumably focused on the defense. Between these hires and Fox as a consultant that’s a lot of extra brains in the room scheming up the D. It also represents a lot of additional investment by the team, and backing for Campbell and how he wants his staff.

This is a defensive pass game coordinator, not offense. Given what we allowed opposing QBs to do to us, this doesn’t surprise me. Guessing he’ll work closely alongside Bly and Glenn to get the secondary right.


I will be the first to admit I have NO experience in playing or coaching football. My question to the ones here that do, is there a possibility of having to many coaches?

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I would assume he’s more of an assistant to the coaches than an actual coach himself. He will interact with Glenn and Bly way more than he does with the players. But that’s just a guess as I have the same amount of experience as you do :man_shrugging:

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If you don’t have the right leadership, for sure, but I don’t think we’ll have that problem.

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Even the assistant coaches got assistant coaches now

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He’s not an offensive passing game coordinator. He’s a DB coach. My guess is he’s likely replacing Bly or the Safeties’ coach.

If you’re a Michigan football fan, he’ll be like Clinksdale: DB coach/Passing Game Coordinator.

We’ll see.

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So the defense now has a run game coordinator and a pass game coordinator (which previously did not exist)


Yes. On defense, the RGC will create or come up with the run fits. The PGC will usually work with the scout’s info, to scheme against the other teams’ passing game or tendencies.


We really need to get Coach Fipp an assistant to the special assistant, fake punt specialist assistant coordinator for 4th downs in February football…

Only one man comes to mind…

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He use to be a safety, can he play corner?

On a serious note… it’s pretty wild how many coaches the average nfl team has.

It’s getting pretty close to a 2 to 1 ratio. Players to coaches…

Reminds me of office space…

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