Lions hire QB coach from Texans

Sort of interesting he made a lateral move.

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I like it, a lateral move that can lead to a promotion if Stafford can lead us to playoffs. I like our chances better than those of Texans.

So, you have a revamped offensive set of coaches. Bevell, Davidson and this guy. I like Ryan buuuuuut, what does he bring. I see that he has coached Eli to his two best years. I see Watson “improved” somewhat…I don’t see a Sean McVay here. What Stafford needed was (is) improved pocket awareness, a little bit of touch on some plays and a running game.

My concerns are: We lost two thirds of our WR big three. We get one third back but how will the injury play out? We never had a TE for Stafford despite using two first round picks and, we still don’t. We took steps last year in the run game. Our run game went absolutely to hell once KJ went, we have to get two wide receivers, (one if Jones is healthy), we need one starter at TE, (two,if Patricia wants to run two TE, they could resign Toilolo but he is one dimensional), and we need a second back at the very least. That is four on the offensive side of the ball. None of these needs will be addressedby a new RB coach or a new QB coach.

Have to disagree with you on that point, but I do agree that he looks at it as a possible spot leading to promotion.