Lions Hope Mathieu Betts 'Gets 18 Sacks' Like in CFL

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Jman hopes Lions trade for FAU Legend Trey Hendrickson and he

“Gets 18 sacks” which is actually 2 less than he got last year in the NFL

If Betts get 18 sacks then James Houston is an absolute bust

not sure I follow your logic, but ■■■■ it - I agree

I’ll sacrifice James Houston for an 18 sack season from Betts


Lol yeah I don’t give a f*** who it is if he gets 18 sacks give that man a raise and an extention whoever it is.


It means Houston ain’t getting no playing time.

Birkett’s article:

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It also would mean Betts just set the rookie sack record. I’ll be happy if he has 5 sacks. Nevermind 18


If the Bengals are refusing to trade him - and by all accounts they are - then there’s nothing anyone can do about it.

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Then we sacrifice James Houston to the football Gods for an 18 sack season from Betts

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Or keep both and watch them each get 18 sacks. To go with Hutch’s 30

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Sounds very realistic.


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Every championship team needs role players.

Betts could make a nice contribution. Or not. Remains to be seen.

I do think the Lions have enough pieces to win a SB at this point. Coaches gotta coach and players gotta play, better than the opponent.

What if the coaches play. We got an entire coaching staff of ex players. We really should be able to dress a coach once or twice a season.

Now entering the game…the office linebacker. :laughing:

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If he can just collapse the ■■■■■■■ pocket and force dudes to aiden. Or make teams worry about, i could care less if he only gets 1 sack, as long as he is making qbs jittery. Making life easier for aiden.


I agree. I say we sacrifice JMann to the football gods in hope that Betts makes the team and gets at least 1 sack.

Shit, I’d sacrifice Arnold’s mom after he drove her into the ground for that kind of performance opposite Hutch.