Lions host 3 free agents for tryouts, including star CFL defensive end

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I would think that the best defensive lineman and best pass rusher in the Canadian league is worth a look and potential signing —even if it’s to the practice squad. Standing pat on a D line that rarely gets pressure doesn’t seem like a good idea.

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Can someone who played a full CFL season play this season? I thought that was banned

Dude had 18 sacks this year. Worth a look.


Elite 6.79 in the 3-cone coming out of college….
one of the more pertinent physical attributes.

Cameron Wake made the leap from CFL to NFL…

Ill Be Back Jim Carrey GIF

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Betts is a hobos version of TJ Watt down to #90 but he definitely has some juice.

2023 highlights

That dude is sudden… and he can run the hoop around the edge.

It may be the CFL… but those are some intriguing highlights.


Looks good to me.

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