Lions in on Hollywood Brown and Brian Burns


I guess we’ll see.

If we can’t get Surtain wouldn’t mind Garrett Bolles from Denver. Or Trent Brown.

Zach Ertz as TE2 would be great, but Hollywood Brown from Zona could work too if we don’t think Marvin / Green are gonna give us anything.

This guy says hard no on Surtain, and at least 2 1st + asset to even start convo. I agree with him there.

Brian Burns would be interesting…but already have 7 edge + 2 LBs that rush.

Somebody is coming…no way The Villain sits in his lair and makes no deals.


I’ll be the one to say yes. This is the Okudah that should have been, and if I can get him for two low 1sts and a Levi, I’d swallow hard, but I’d pull the trigger. Not so much because I don’t trust Sutton and Jacobs, but because we’re in uncharted waters if Sutton goes down.


I’d trade 2 1sts and Aaron Glenn

I can see Levi be a swap for a guy like Ertz.
Young for Old

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We have an extra 3rd from Minnesota that will likely be better than our own in 24.

I’m not sure about Glenn, I think there’s not going to be as many HC vacancies this offseason. :thinking: A lot of 1st and 2nd year head coaches that typically get more rope.

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I agree, but if it happens next year or the following it’s essentially a wash since we can recoup some picks if we spread it out with Denver

We dont need a wr. Get a shutdown cb thats all needed

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The Roosevelt Colvin rule applies

We all want a super bowl, but right now this thing is sustainable. I’ll take the KC dynasty over the Rams one and done. I feel as if Brad loves him some draft beans too much to trade away multiple firsts. Nothing suggests we require that level of talent and/or cost to make it there.


I’d be pretty shocked if we’re the team that acquires Burns. A Hollywood Brown level deal? Sure. I assume that would be for the Vikings 3rd or thereabouts.

Personally I’d rather just add some accent pieces and let Brad cook come next draft.

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Brown burns seemed to have quit on a few plays when he played us.

Where does Hollywood Brown fit?

Tell me he will do better than Reynolds is with Goff right now.

Take some Jamo reps away? Why do we want that?

Does he block like our WRs and 3rd string HB do? Thats the expectation.

Don’t see this at all.

If anything on O, it’ll be depth OL.

Now on D it could be be anything except LB.


Agree, should just keep the pick and resign Reynolds

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Reynolds playing himself into 3/30 area…

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Give him the contract we all thought DJ Chark was gonna get lol


I wouldn’t trade for Hollywood. Not sure what the point of that is.

Didn’t we say the same thing about Chark?

Chark played 6 games?


Reynolds as a Lion

27 games 21 Starts.

126 targets, 76 catches for 1172 yards 15 ypc 8 TDs

66 of 76 catches go for 1st down or TD.

9.2 yards/target, 62% catch% 0 fumbles.

This is the profile of a mid-mid #2 WR.

28 yrs old, make it a 2 yr deal stretched over 3.