Lions injury update: James Houston not expected to play vs. Vikings

Bummer. Hoped he would be closer to returning.

The Houston returning tease just keeps going and going. I think we’re being played here


There’s no way he doesn’t play in the Wild Card game. They’ll get him as ready as they can.

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I’m not certain of this. That’s a tough injury to come back from so soon.


I don’t see how he’d be that beneficial. the gunners we have on punt coverage have been fine.

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Don’t see how they play him in the playoffs after not playing all year

Here is the pattern:

Report comes out on injured player coming back early.
Campbell denies it.
Another report comes out saying they are close.
Campbell denies it.
Then seemingly out of nowhere Campbell says they are close and way ahead of schedule.

Someone can fact check me but I feel like this is how it happened with CJGJ and how it will happened with Houston.

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CJGJ was all over social media doing his own training clips and countdowns

Don’t hear from Houston. I have a feeling dude probably isn’t even able to walk all that well yet. Much less play playoff football

Hope I’m wrong but assuming he will be ready for the playoffs and able to make an impact is fantasy

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They’re going to need him for the playoffs. Even if Houston makes just two game changing plays, that’s more than what they’ve gotten from anyone opposite Hutch.


He was pulling a weight sled on video over a month ago.

Why would anyone assume Houston is close? There was a point this year where Dan Campbell’s tone on Houston’s injury recovery changed pretty drastically in comparison to CJGJ’s. CJGJ hasn’t even seen the field yet, so I wouldn’t expect Houston to be anywhere close.

Yep, he’s not coming back which is frustrating because I assumed they didn’t trade for a pass rusher because they knew Houston was coming back. Maybe he will return for the wildcard game but, as you said, I think we’re being played.

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Hopefully, they’re not planning on relying upon Bruce Irvin. He really hasn’t done much since the single sack in game one.

For that matter, neither has Julian Okwara or Charles Harris–both competing for the title of “Invisible Man.”

But how did the leg respond? Has he even done practice reps yet?

Again I sure hope I’m wrong. Even 10 snaps on 3rd down could possibly really help in a playoff game.

If he was close to healthy though wouldn’t you want to test him out vs the Vikes a bit. Knock off the rust. Hasn’t played a snap since September

For example…Sounds like Alim and CJ are playing this week to knock off the rust

It makes less sense to start his practice window. They’d just IR him otherwise.

You open the practice window to test out the ankle. I think that’s what they did. It’s a long shot but they are keeping the possibility open.

you open it because he getting close.

Not “tomorrow” close or even this weekend, but because there’s a chance you could activate him.

We’ve been doing a lot of “are we there yet” with this guy all season. Man, any mention of him by Dan has everyone expecting his return that weekend.

Based on their timing, we’re looking at potentially getting some snaps from him in the WC round. Maybe only 20 snaps, but he’ll get out there and knock the rust off a little anyway.

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