Lions interior offensive line could all be out vs. Raiders

Yep, tough way to start the game against the raiders. You hope they can get through the game healthy since the depth will be emergency level for sure.

But this is what good teams do - you’ve known all week you were gonna be short handed. You even had a be tea day to prepare. Get creative, beat a mediocre Raiders team, and use the bye week to get healthy.

Exactly, If we lose to this inferior Raiders team at home, I don’t want to hear “Well we have injuries”. Every team does and they plan around those. I expect Ben will have a game plan to reduce any affect having Sordsal in there. I also hope Glasgow remembers the good old days playing center.

Defense needs to step it up this week

We still have 2 very talented tackles, which is more than a lot of teams can say.

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Lol who have you been watching. It’s not loosing one player, your talking about our whole interior Oline. No team looses all that and plays like nothing happen. If you can not run the ball or protect the passer it will be a long day against even avg teams


Where did I say that? My point is the Raiders are not a good team and in fact are pretty dysfunctional right now, just had to have a team meeting to vet their frustrations. As far as the injuries, yea it sucks and the offense may not put up 30 points like we would normally, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t still win. Defense needs to step up and help the offense out.

I don’t expect a top 5 offense this game, but I also don’t expect them to score only 10-14 points, should be somewhere in the middle with the defense holding the Raiders down.

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Only good thing: price tag for Jonah get lower. Hupefully Sorsdal is more ready now.

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I agree with all of that, and have no real reason to say what I’m about to say.

I have a feeling that Gibbs is going off tonight even with the decimated line. I think it will lead to a 3 td win.

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I get a lot of grief in here for being a realist, and having “original” opinions…. The hypocrisy in here often borders on comical-

“If” the lions get beat up, lose a close one, or simply struggle to win a close one… it’s an indictment on Brad Holmes and to a lesser extent Dan Campbell (due to his insistence on supporting AG’s plan, or lack thereof).

  • The Raiders have scored over 18 points exactly once, and even that was 21…. Since they have been held under 21 in 6 of 7 games- I’d politely ask AG if he can please hold the Raiders under 20… IN OUR HOUSE! Their OL sucks, Jimmy G has a bad back, and Jacobs is off… HOWEVER THEY HAVE NFL TALENT THAT IS WAITING TO GAIN CONFIDENCE- attack from the first snap and they won’t respond- they aren’t a TEAM… but if we allow Jacobs to dance through gaping holes and Davante to get loose- watch Jimmy get his SF swag back!!!

  • Brad got cocky and deviated from the plan big time….

I get so much criticism for being a “arm chair GM,” but it’s not rocket science. We make fun of other bad GMs and coaches in here all the time-

We are in first place…. We have a huge game tonight as a win lets us get healthy over the bye, and places us 2 games ahead of division and WC teams- BUT A LOSS IS BAD!


With the staring OL in tatters, and Dmont out, the offense could struggle a bit, but if our defense get’s housed at home in prime time tonight, Brad needs to take a long look in the mirror, and get his ass on the phone and add some dudes before the end of tomorrow…and AG better be on the hot seat.

I hope you are correct!!!

Brad put us in a bad position for a season long war by getting a bit cute the past 2 drafts…

Armchair GM- be damned…. 85% of this forum wanted big time help at DT and OG this year-

If I am acutely aware of Ragnow’s toe likely ending his career in the not so distant future, and Big Vs back virtually guaranteeing he wouldnt play half the season, nor Levi’s back allowing him to make any sort of impact- what was left?



We didn’t have enough quality backups to even cover the OL spots we should have EXPECTED missed games, let alone a fluke like Jackson.

Sorsdal and Bro Mart may or may not work out, but those are the types that a team like Philly can wait on….

I’m still pissed we let E Brown go for a song

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Oh, Lyonfan1. We like you, we really like you!!

you like me sally field GIF

AG should already have J Fox riding shotgun…

The Raiders have an accurate QB when he has time, and Adams, Renfrow, and J Myers is a WR corps that needs press man or they will be open all day.

Play press man, blitz the shit out of Jimmy and force 2 turnovers.

Tell Goff not to do too much with this OL…. Throw it away and punt…

Between Raymond, Jamo, and Gibbs the game plan should be 2-3 plays over 40 yards- scheme those.

Sadly I already know we will try Gibbs up the gut on first down. New starters are likely to hold- start out fast paced with crosses and angle routes to Gibbs. Back Vegas up, then run.

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Yes, BH announced before the 2022 draft that he wanted playmakers, and in some ways I think he made sure he got them…logic be damned. While i think our drafts were good, I do think they could have been better.

And on a personal note, I think you are a very good poster.

Hopefully Vatai plays atleast,

Glasgow in at center though

Only Big scary pass rush threat is Maxx Crosby, and if Raiders are smart, they move his ass around to get mis matches.


I know brother-

I just don’t understand why posters prefer to exude “optimism” when they have valid concerns….

Levi O
Big V
C Harris

  • heck even Decker and GG

All have missed roughly 25% of their games the past 2-3 years OR WAY MORE-


  • this is the entire list of OL and DL that didn’t have fair level of injury concerns TO START THE YEAR!

Then factor about half are either about to free agents, or not expected back next year-

We didn’t exactly start the year ready for a “fist fight”.

K Benton
O Torrence

  • I still wouldn’t have loved the Gibbs pick, but the whole Den would have loved this draft. There are 900 mocks with Torrence and Benton in them.

The guys were there when we were picking.

Hooker, Sorsdal, Bro Mart, Paschal, Jamo that’s a lot of draft capital spent on guys we had zero expectations of making an impact in their first 10 games…

It’s weird.

Nothing says more about the unwillingness here to criticize Brad than the complete absence of Brodric Martin—both on the field and this forum.

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Raiders will be moving Crosby inside for a lot of snaps. Watch out!

Better have a RB inside keying Crosby when that happens.

yeah ill admit, Bromart should be doing more as 3rd round pick

idk, draft feels weird this year, has hit some good picks (Branch, Laporta, Gibbs has looked solid, will see how he plays this game)

and others feel… more long term projects (Campbell, Hooker, Bromart, Sorsdal)

just a

very weird draft so far its shaping

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Ragnow has a calf injury that’s keeping him out tonight, it’s nothing to do with the toe. He’s already proved that the toe isn’t an issue by playing through it at a high level many many times.

No one has quality O-line backups in the NFL. There aren’t even enough quality lineman for every team to have five competent starters. The Lions have six good, not competent but good, starters. We’re blessed in that position. Decker - Awosika - Glasgow - Sorsdal - Sewell is still a better line than most teams have at full strength.