Lions' Jared Goff: No-trade clause important in finalizing new megadeal

An interesting, previously unreported, development.

Goff must love Detroit. He doesn’t want to leave.


This really must be deflating for some folks here. The “trade for beans” scenario was their last hope.


This is literally not news.

He has stated as much multiple times.

He wanted a home and this was his first choice.


Yes, for the whole “if Hooker balls out, trade Goff crowd,” that’s an end to that discussion.


I don’t remember a single mention of a “no trade” clause before Birkett’s report.


I have seen at least 2 interviews or pod cast discussions with Goff where he stated he wanted to stay in Detroit but that it was not up to him. Actually pretty sure it was from a odium on one of them and for sure in a Pod Cast with someone.

So I am now realizing that I filled in the blank on this one and assumed he wanted a no trade clause…

Which this now makes me wonder if my wife is right about me and me making up facts…errrrr

This was the first I heard of it.

Consequently, it was also my first chance to be a snarky, gloating dickhole about it.

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Makes sense after what happened with the Rams. Fair play to him, getting that into the contract probably cost him a couple million bucks, but it gives him a lot of security in Detroit.


Goff also responded that it’s a basic feature in all contracts that QBs sign nowadays. The security of knowing where he’ll be for the next 4 years does a lot for a person. This will only lead to Goff being better focused on winning Super Bowls instead of looking over his shoulder.


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Clearly I must be watching too much crap on Lions…but for sure I have heard him respond to a question about signing and staying in Detroit and inferring that he wanted stability. I guess I took that as he would want a no trade clause…so maybe I was just reading between the lines…

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Love this guy more and more; good overall dude

I think you were because as you posted earlier

Goff indicated it wasn’t up to him. Requesting a no trade clause means it was up to him if the Lions wanted to make a deal

“This city means so much to me now and it will hold a special place in my heart forever,” Goff said. "I just want to win for them. I want to win for these fans.”

Who can’t love that guy?

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