Lions Luck

In the season of thankfulness I want to have the community list some of the things that we should be thankful that the lions are so lucky at.

Here l’ll start. The Lions are so lucky that they had an entire major position group suffer no injuries this season.

Of course it being Lions luck it was our worst position group on the field, the linebackers. So the one flaming trash fire position group is the 1 where we get to see everybody at full strength and understand just how crappy they are.

The Lions are very fortunate to have a young star in the making. Who will probably be a first-team All-Pro this season.

It’s Lions Luck that it’s the punter.

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The Lions luck out yet again by guarantying none of their players get seriously injured during a playoff game.

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In a funny thing the way NFL works

If I’m Stafford I’m taking a pay cut during the playoffs , which are the toughest games against the best opponents.

Not making playoffs for a lot of players actually might help extend careers while getting paid more your worth for the actual game.

The player now plays on another team.

I don’t watch the NBA or NHL but if you win the championship you are playing a lot of games and an extra 2 months.
The NFL is an extra 3 or 4 games if you play in the SB. That can surely take the toll on the players.

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The Lions aren’t the first team to be eliminated form the NFC playoffs. Only the Falcons are gone in the NFC.

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Interesting side note, players contracts are for the 17 week, 16 game schedule. Come playoff time, the amounts are preset and every player gets the same amount. Winning teams gets more, losing team gets less.

The Lions are so lucky that there are only 4 teams in the division now.
No more finishing 5th.


We are so lucky we only have one player on the COVID list - he just our best player on defense :cry:

It’s sad that Tampa Bay has won the NFC North more recently than the Lions and they left the division after 2001

I know. Still grinds my grits. I unfairly dislike Tampa for that reason.
Plus they won a SB.

Exactly what I’m saying …
Stafford has been remarkably efficient
Making among the most of any player
While making sure he’s paid his worth each time he steps on field.

Nfl really has some pretty deep mythology thst has fans and players buying into things that arguably hurt them be it the crapshoot draft due to not investing in their own developmental league ( sell hope the first rounder is great even though odds suggest he won’t match his hype that sells season ticket hopes ) , to the salary cap thst have fans arguing that the team should shed talent that helps them win , to how the players get paid.