Lions need to prepare for the Bills "Pony Package"

On eight of those 22 plays, the Bills paired James Cook and Nyhiem Hines on the field at the same time in what some teams call the “Pony” package. One of those Pony plays produced an 8-yard loss on an end around to Hines. But six other runs with Cook and Hines on the field netted 50 yards, an 8.3-yard average. There were 27 plays in the three-receiver set (11 personnel), the fewest of any game this season.

A “Pony’s Package” seems like something we should be able to kick the shit out of.


Blazing Saddles Horse GIF


Well played. That one made me literally laugh out loud.

LOL - Mungo actually was a Detroit Lion too.

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Pony Package" sounds like somethign that could be loaded with “that’s what she said” opportunities, but I found NOTHING. Am I losing my skills with age?

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I tell my wife the same thing.

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Mungo just pawn in game of life

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try full grown horse package. she doesn’t want a mere pony, lol.


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